Jennie Glassey

from  Tongues of Fire, March 1, 1897 p   edited by Frank W. Sandford

"Tarry Until Ye be endued with power from on high."  Such were the words of Jesus to the apostles of old.  Several months ago this paper contained an account of Rev. W. S. Black, Mrs. Black, and Miss Glassey, who had been so marvelously blessed with the gift of tongues, and were about to start for Africa.  The following letter from Miss Glassey will explain somewhat their experiences since.

"Dear Brother in Christ:

I now take the opportunity of writing you a few lines giving you in part at least our experience in England.  Dear Mrs. Main of Amherst, Nova Scotia, sent us your paper, Tongues of Fire, and also your "Two Years' Experience," since receiving the Holy Ghost as the abiding Comforter and Teacher.  The Lord has wonderfully blessed us along the same line you took.   You have no doubt heard that we are strictly on faith lines and look only to God to supply our needs and for our means to go forward in the Lord's work.  We ask no man for our money, but let our "requests be made known to God" only, who has promised to, "SUPPLY ALL OUR NEEDS according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus."  So we take His word to be just the same today and Him also.  We arrived in England, Jan. 7, 1896; and the next day He said unto us,"Tarry ye in this city, UNTIL ye be endued (or clothed) with power from on High."  We recommend immediately to obey that command, and never thought it would cost us so dearly, looking on the natural side of affairs; while on the other side we would not exchange what we have had to go through for all this world could offer.  We have learned to trust Jesus more fully and to love Him more intensely, than we could have under any other circumstances.  I care not to recall it all now, for it has been very wearying to be natural, and I would rather talk about the Lord Jesus than the suffering of these poor mortal bodies.  But I just want to say this much, the Lord gave us this verse, "He that findeth his life shall lose it, and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it."  Is that not a glorious promise? Praise His dear name!  He has comforted me more out of His blessed Word and given me more promises for Africa than I could mention.  He makes all things to "work together for good to those who love God."  Hallelujah! He  has led us every step by His own loving hand, and told us to take no step without consulting Him, and to confer not with flesh and blood."   "I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that day."  Had He not given us grace to "stand fast," we could never have taken all the insults, slander, suspicions, etc., but we "count all things but loss" that we may win Christ."

She then goes on and writes some particulars concerning her leadings in the work, and adds, "The Holy Ghost will show you marvelous things out of His law.  I believe He has a great work for you to do, and will fit you up Himself for it, by giving you gifts you need for His service.   We make no appointments without His leading and guidance, for we want in all things to please, honor and glorify Jesus our King,  Glory to God!  He has great things in store for those who will trust Him more.  Will you constantly pray for us, as we do for you.  May the richest blessing of God rest upon you all and prepare many missionaries in your School for the foreign field."

                Yours in Him, alive for Africa,

                                            M.J. Glassey, 16 Lloyd St. Liverpool England


Mrs. Black wrote concerning Tongues of Fire, "We are delighted with the paper, and feel we love you as one of kindred spirit.  It seems to us your paper is destined to become world-wide in circulation."

Their history in Liverpool might be summed up in these sentences, taken from a letter written some time ago: "The world will never have the least conception of what we have passed through.   Were we to tell them they would never believe it.  No one but the dear Lord, will know what we have suffered, agonies of soul and body, but we want a glorious work done."

Miracle after miracle however has taken place during this time of testing.  "Should I tell you all,"   writes Bro. Black to a deep Christian friend, "even your faith might be staggered."  A little child was born to Mrs. Black, and when several weeks old, and apparently dead, was raised up in answer to prayer.  Miss Glassey had very severe suffering with her teeth one night, and the following morning found herself possessed with thirteen new teeth.  A day or two later, another one came.  One foreign language after another has been given her.  She has sung in the Spirit, African tunes, and even written strange characters which the Holy Ghost taught her as an alphabet.

The most striking confirmation of one of these dialects has taken place.  There was an old sailor named Jack, who was years ago taken and held prisoner for some time by one of the African tribes, thus becoming somewhat acquainted with their language.  After much search he was found, and asked Miss Glassey a certain question in that dialect.  She answered him at once, and told him what he had said.  The old sailor's  face had a startled look at the intelligent reply to his first question, and as the second one was answered, his face grew pale and white.  The power of God settled upon him, and then and there he broke down, confessed his sins, and became a Christian.

This agrees with what the Apostle Paul said, in I Cor. 14:22, "Wherefore tongues are for a sign, not to them that believe, but to them that believe not."

The day before the above letter from Sister Glasssey was received, a clergyman from St. Louis who had recently arrived from Liverpool by way of Halifax, spent a day with us.  The editor closely questioned him, as he has been for five weeks in very close connection with this party of missionaries.  He declared there was "no doubt whatever that the work was of God."  and added, "They have now about thirteen different dialects."   He related how she had heard Africans on the street talking their native dialects, and understood what they said.

Mr. Sandford asked him if it was really a fact that Miss Glassey had received new teeth, to which he replied, "Yes, she has fifteen new ones, and is believing God for the rest of a full set."  As this gentleman had been her pastor, having led her to Christ, and baptized her, known her entire history and within a few days come directly from their stopping place in Liverpool, it seemed to be conclusive and most emphatic evidence of these miracles which have been before recorded within these pages.

Now what do these signs and wonders indicate?  Simply this, that God is preparing people here and there throughout the country, for a movement on the old apostolic lines, the truly miraculous.   As we "tarry until" we are "endued with power from on high," we shall be preparing the way for God's great, mighty sweep to carry everything before it.

"We have talked a great deal ABOUT the power of the Holy Ghost," Bro. Black writes, "but we want to talk and work IN the power of the Holy Ghost, for conviction, conversion, sanctification and healing."

The same power that drove the arrow of conviction into the hardened heart of an old sailor as he listened to a young girl speaking a language she had never heard in the power of the Holy Ghost, that same power will convict unconverted people, even as it did on the day of Pentecost.  God Almighty is raising up such a movement, and the last mighty billow that is to sweep over this globe and prepare the way for the coming of the Son of Man, is the movement that will "Tarry Until."

F.W. Sandford, Editor

from  Tongues of Fire, July 15, 1898 p107  from an article entitled "Notes from my Journal While En Route for The City of The Great King" by Willard Gleason :

May 31. This has been a day of waiting on God to get further orders.  Had the joy tonight of hearing Brother Black and Sister Black and Sister Glassey sing a part of the ninth Psalm in an African tongue.  Sister Glassey has at different times spoken while in the Spirit, in Greek, French, Latin, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and several African dialects, words and sentences given her by the Holy Ghost.  She has also written many letters of the Greek and Hebrew alphabet.  Words in as many as six of these languages have been recignized as such by one who has studied classics, thus proving the genuineness of God's gifts to our sister.  He who said, "They shall speak with new tongues" is proving his words true, thus enabling one like Sister Glassey to preach the "everlasting gospel" to any soul on this globe, with the necessary language at her disposal.

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