Kingdom Think: The Pretzel Logic

With apologies to Steeley Dan, the title chosen for this page comes from the apparent twists of deductive reasoning used in formulating the policies and edicts of the Kingdom.  The list is short at the moment, not because we can't think of any others, but we're depending on you, the ex-Kingdom reader to build it.  We'll start the first one, and the rest is up to you.  Your contributions may be posted on the Guestbook.

1) "I know I didn't deserve the reprimand just received, but I probably deserved it some other time when I didn't get it."

Evidently the lack of justice exercised by Kingdom leaders is excusable only because they weren't astute enough to pick up on the times when they should have reprimanded but didn't.

2.) The following is a part of Frank Murray's "How I Know That F.W.S. was a Genuine Prophet, and That his Work is Still in Progress."

"This teaching [ie. Purity, Bridal Qualities] has practically vanished from our assemblies. Why? Because it was Mr. Sandford's one great specialty, and either his ministry has become unpopular or else no one feels any desire to revive it.

Of all the backslidings that I groan over, this is the worst. I have been publicly (though indirectly) rebuked for mentioning "fine linen," for example. Doubtless my efforts have been thought wide of the mark, and I can believe it, but that doesn't prevent our earnest attempt to go back over Mr. Sandford's early teaching, and the songs he introduced into our hymnbook, that are calculated to encourage bridal qualities."

If this was one of his great "specialties", I too groan over it. My entire being has groaned over it because of the depth to which his ministers and followers failed in it.  It was indeed a "speciality" but not in the manner Murray speaks of. I for one feel no desire to revive any of Sandford's "purity and bridal qualities" - Christ's YES - FWS's never!  Christ set me free from the evil of FWS's "purity". . .  This a very unpopular subject, and many of us have no desire to revive "it", thank you.  As for the songs, I'm not even going there! This is "Pretzel Logic" for sure!