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The Revelation Sermon   Dec. 17, 1911

The first three verses show that this book is especially blessed to those who read it. "For the time is at hand." If the time was at hand nineteen centuries ago,much more is it at hand today. The book of Revelation is now being fulfilled. Blessed is the man that reads this book. I would advise you to read it at least once a month even if you are not converted. It is the book of all books that ought to be read by Christians and non-Christians. You are now going to experience it.

This may be my last talk to you, and I intend to speak of the things I believe to be in the interest of the public, and of the Church. I pray God you will take every word I have to say, for I believe I shall speak truly, and I am certain that what I have to say will be found true 'ere many months or years have passed by, and I would advise you to listen for your lives. I would advise you to read this book once a month even if you do not understand a word of it, for God said, Blessed is he that readeth." So there is a blessing in just reading it. If you read the book of Revelation it will take all the cheap talk and gab out of you - I am talking to the Christian as well as the unconverted man. You will have less to say about the weather and more to say about God and the things that are taking place on this globe. There is a chance for anybody, sinner or saint, to get a blessing from God.

"Blessed are they that hear the words of this prophecy." Now you may come to the service today and gaze about curiously, but God did not say, "Blessed are the curious," but, "Blessed are they that hear." So I would advise you to listen for your life, for I promise you it will be many a day before you will have a man of God speak the words you are going to hear me speak today. I advise the boys to stop looking at the other boys and gazing around the room to see who is coming in. A good attentive audience will get a blessing.

And now the most important of all, "Blessed are they that "K E E P" the things which they hear. It is not enough to read about the overcomer - "Blessed is the man that overcometh". It is not enough to read about the man with white robes-blessed is the man that gets the white robes. It is not enough to read about the man who has a part in the tree of life-blessed is the man that finds his way to the tree of life.

There are three classes of people blessed, the reader, the listener, and the doer. When you stand before the Great White Throne how sorry you will be that you did not listen when on earth. I am going to urge upon your soul with all the powers I have today the solemn words of this book, which the world is going to experience now. I hope you will crowd out the thing which keeps you from hearing, and hope you will have it in your hearts as you hear these words. By the grace of God I will do the thing the Book says. "Blessed is he that readeth, Blessed is he that heareth, and Blessed is he that doeth."

Now we have an introduction from the fourth to the eighth verses. On my forty-ninth birthday, Oct. 2nd., last, I asked God that jubilee bells might ring. God told me three things (I do not know that God spoke the words but they were expressed in thought to me, at least) The first thought was, Suffering tribulation later, Suffering and the glory that should follow; and finally, the one word, Glory, no suffering whatever.

I have experienced the first stage-the suffering tribulation; and I have begun, thank God, to experience the second, the suffering and the glory that should follow. I have been held up above my sufferings so that I am beginning to enjoy it as much as I used to a game of baseball. I feel as though I had gotten through the first stage and into the second, and before I am through, I shall have the last word, Glory, without a sign of suffering or of trouble.

There are fifty things I wish to speak of. This book is calculated to bring out fifty special things which I shall call jubilee bells-seven sevens and one great promise which I call the fiftieth one-the jubilee promise. The first seven is the seven churches which represents all the churches on the globe, a perfect number. Second is the seven spirits of God sent forth into all the world to strive with every sinner and to get every sheep into the fold. Next is the seven seals some of which are already in operation. After that the seven trumpets when the war between God and humanity wages hotter and hotter. Then the seven thunders, when God’s mighty acts on the sea unrevealed to humanity are to break forth in irresistible power. Finally the seven vials of wrath when God has no mercy on any sinner on the globe. And then the last of all a promise made to the man that overcomes, in which God tells what He will do for him. He will adopt him into His own family, and he will be a Father to him through all eternity.

But before we ring these jubilee bells there is a picture of the head of the church, Jesus of Nazareth, and an expression of praise rightly given to Him by a man who is in prison, a man who is condemned because he testified for Jesus Christ and stood true to his colors. The man that is in the Spirit and sees things other people do not see. He ascribes praise and worship to the wonderful Christ who is soon coming. Mark it, and you will not have many more years now before you will see the Son of God coming. I will promise you that as an absolute fact. John takes up his pen and dips it in the ink of inspiration, to Him who is soon coming in power and great glory.

"Grace from Him." we pass that over so quietly, but O, how much does that mean? I would not take ten thousand dollars for what that grace has done for me the last two months. "Mercy." How much will mercy be worth in that day? "Peace" How much will peace be worth in that day when men are calling on the mountains to fall on them? How much will it be worthy to have peace in that day? I shall have it, gentlemen, I shall have perfect peace, and some of you will have perfect terror. I pray God this book will help you to get right with Him. If I can succeed in having just one man who has come down from Lewiston or over from the Falls make his peace with God I shall go to Portland with great joy. God help you to listen today. There may be some dear man’s heart touched, his garments transformed from black to white, his life changed and his home enlightened, and he may know what it is to have grace, mercy, and peace in that day.

Now we have a picture of that Being, Jesus Christ, given by the Apostle John, from the ninth verse down to the nineteenth, a picture so wonderful that John who had pillowed his head on His bosom, slept with Him under the olive tree, been with Him by the well, known Him intimately from the very first day that the Bible school started, and followed him from then on, "Fell at His feet as one dead." He was so wonderful, so much changed, the glory of God was so amazing that the loved disciple, the most intimate friend that He had on earth, lay stretched out before that majestic, royal, heavenly Personage. That is the Man that is coming back to sit upon a throne to judge you and to judge every man according to his attitude toward Him and toward His people during His absence.

That wonderful Being! He has suffered. It is the man that has suffered that can help you. "I was dead, but I am alive forevermore, and I have the keys of death and of hell in my right hand." No wonder that He went up with a multitude. In Rome they were in the habit of having great displays when their generals returned with a multitude of captives. This picture was no doubt in His mind when He said that He had led captivity captive. Great multitudes went up with Him through the pearly gates into the presence of God. His glorious, majestic, victorious record is so wonderful! And it all came by His being a lamb and not by His being a lion. Some people think that the greatest thing in the world is to roar at people and scare them or spring on them and hurt them.

A representative of the Boston Post said that I should have been a lawyer. I told him that I thought of doing that once. It was the ambition of my life. but I was afraid that I would not turn out right. He said, "You would have made this world howl," or something like that as if that was the greatest thing. What would a lawyer have done? He would have left this man an unmitigated liar. He would have doubled him up and twisted him up and left him for old junk. I could have done that and done it easily, but what good would it have done to put teeth into that man? I would a great deal let the man lie about me and say nothing. knowing I was faithful in loving him, for if he is ever upon a dying bed and should say, "My God, will you not have mercy on my soul?" Then when the Spirit of God brings to his mind that lie he told about Mr. Sandford, that man knows that I am faithfully loving him all the time, and it will be easy for him to get into the right relationship with me, for he knows that I forgive him. He would not feel like sending for me if I had put teeth into him. I am not sure but what I am looking after that affairs of this world better than he knows, for I am a lawyer for God.

Some people think that a lion is greater than a lamb, but the greatest object held up in the book from first to last is a lamb. Once, when everybody else on this globe failed, and a certain character called, "The Lion of the tribe of Judah," had prevailed, John turned to see the character that had prevailed and when he looked for a lion he saw a little slain lamb. And when the whole universe unites in praise they never say a word about the lion, but, "Worthy is the Lamb that was slain-worthy is He to receive honor."

The man that can suffer is the strongest character. Any fool can fight like two dogs in the street, two men in the office-not a whit difference. Every boy on the street can fight, but it takes the real work of God in the human soul to enable a man to suffer and not to whine about it and parade it and tell how he is abused, but to take it as just the thing that comes to a true Christian, and the thing that a man ought to feel thoroughly concerned about if he does not receive for God says, "Woe unto you when all men shall speak well of you."

If you love God, you will suffer persecution. If you are not hated, and bitterly hated, woe unto you, for your religion is already branded as the wrong kind. A man that is trying to avoid suffering is parting with his epaulets. "Suffering shame for his sake," was the epaulets of the apostles in Jerusalem. "Unto us is given, in behalf of Christ, not only to believe on Him but also to suffer." Every genuine Christian must come down to the fact that in order to be of any good in saving souls he must suffer. Peter says, "Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you, but rather rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of His sufferings."

It is time we stopped our whining about a little suffering. It is all very well for the women on the grand stand to say, "You poor man," because he got a finger out of joint when playing baseball.  I smile when I look at mine; there is not a finger that bends naturally. There (pointing) is where a bat struck it.  There is where one was out of joint and was never properly set. I have had every finger out of joint many times.  What does a baseball player care how many fingers he gets out of joint?  All he cares is to win the game. Now we have got to get over that sissified stuff that spends all its time whining if somebody suffers.  You must expect to suffer, and you must rejoice when seeing a man suffering well and truly, and you want to aspire to go and do likewise. It was the Man that had suffered that made John fall back like a dead man. If you suffer you will have your friends and your enemies, and the world falling before you likewise. That is the head. He is simply an example to us, that is all. We will follow His footsteps.

"Unto you is given in behalf of Christ, not only to believe on him but also to suffer for his sake." Some think that the only thing to do is believe and be baptized and sit on a seat and listen to someone else talk, but the Bible does not read that way. It reads, "Not only to believe, but also to suffer for His sake." A woman expects to suffer if she marries a man: she expects to suffer the pangs of maternity. You must suffer if you are going to see souls born again all over this world. People do not understand at the village. How much does Lewiston know about God? How much does Boston understand? It is all Greek to them. Somebody must suffer in order for their lives to be changed over, and God is calling for men who are willing to suffer, to take the "Rough and tumble," as I expressed it. Who ever heard of a football match where every boy did not expect to get pounded and mauled to within an inch of his life? You must expect that in religion. Persecution is going to break out and blood is going to flow, and blessed is the man that faces the things joyfully and bravely. "He that suffereth hath ceased from sin." You can always tell whether a man is a sinner or not by whether he can take suffering without whining. If he can you know that he is a pure and holy man. If you hear him whining about how he is mistreated you may know he is not perfect, there is some more purging needed.

"He that hath suffered hath ceased from sin." Then let us have an ambition to have suffering and to let it purge out of our lives things contrary to God that we may be as holy as He is holy, for what our Master was we must be.

Read the rest of the chapter. Now here is what he says to the first church, Ephesus, down in Asia Minor. The trouble with the church was that it had ceased to be a loving church. Whether you are a sinner or a Christian, you can always tell a genuine Christian, that is, if he is in a normal condition, by whether he is loving or not. There are a great many so called Christians who are not in a normal condition. The Son of God did not seem to be loving at times. To look a man in the face and tell him boldly and fearlessly with tremendous vehemence that he is wrong is not a sign that you do not love him. Most of the best preachers have been hated because men imagined that because they told them the truth they did not love them.

A church that does not have its first love is fallen. When you see someone point out a woman and say, "There is a fallen woman," that is a bad recommendation. There was one thing in this service I did not like and that was that there was not a single prayer for a sinner until I prayed myself. God have mercy on us when this company of people is not burdened for souls. I would rather have one man get saved than to have all the flights of oratory God could give you today. I want some man to be helped; I want some man to say, "I want to live better." You are a fallen church here at Shiloh, you are a fallen church across the river, if there is not a tear in your eye for the sinner.

The man that goes along here talking about the weather, practically anything by his manner that he does not care a damn-might just as well say it-whether a sinner is saved or not or whether people go to hell or not, and then has the gall to get down and say, "Lord," when he goes to bed, and then next Sunday go to church and have a piece of bread put in his mouth and call it the Lord"s supper, does not care and has not spent a night in prayer since I was here before, and call that Christianity! Away with the stuff that does not have a tear today for the sinner. I want every man in here to understand that if you never see me again you have a friend here. I am after your soul. I would rather have your soul helped than to have all the songs, harps, and flowers that could be supplied. I would rather kick the whole business out of the room than to have your attention taken off of Christ. I want the love of God to take the lying out of you, and the selfishness out of you, and take away every bad habit you have. I want souls saved here. I want somebody changed, somebody blessed, the power of God that changed my life to change yours. I have a Christ in this room that can take all the meanness out of you, every mean thing out of you-that thing that God knows about-wash it out and leave you snow white, pure, and holy. You can go out of the door a saved man or a saved woman, just as glad and happy in your heart as I am, and as far as I know I have not a care in my heart today. If he can do that for me He can do it for you, and he will do it.


Father, we ask you to save us from having an Ephesian church, and save us from being a fallen church, and save us from sitting up here like a row of owls and the thing being so formal that a person could not get saved if he wanted to, but break up all the ice and let the waters flow so that we can be natural and a man could come in here and get saved any time he might want to.   Amen.

The second church is a suffering church, and you notice that the Son of God has not a bit of fault to find with it.

"He shall not be hurt of the second death."  I wonder how much that is worth?  Do you know what the second death is?  It is the lake of fire.  Now think of a man so changed by the power of God that he can walk through hell untouched.  Is that not wonderful?   That is the promise.  He says, "I know thy poverty (Shiloh understands that) but thou art rich" - a little persecuted company - rich.  The world says, "Poverty," and rightly; and He says, "Riches," and rightly.

If the Son of God came this moment there is not a person on this hilltop that has a right heart that would not be glad to see Him. I wonder how much tickets to favor the Son of God will sell for on that day?   O, How people that sneer, and ridicule, and hate, and threaten, how quick they will curl up with one look from my Master's face!  The very look that will make them quail with anguish and their knees shiver and shake as Belshazzar's did when he saw the handwriting on the wall - that same look from the Master that will make them curl, will make my very bones shout, "Alleluia, my King has come."  How much is it worth to be that way?  How much will you sell your privileges for: O, rich!  I have tried it off Cape Horn and Cape Sable, and off the Grand Banks and I have faced death a hundred times.  I have been among the wild beasts of Africa all night, but I have never known it to fail yet that when the test came I did not feel afraid to meet God.   How much is that worth?  Just a few weeks, months, or years, just a short time from now you will have it tested: He is coming soon.

He goes on and makes the statement that because you go through the suffering that an ungodly world brings upon you, and choose rather to suffer affliction with the people of God than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season.  Now because Moses chose rather to suffer affliction with the people of God then to enjoy the pleasures of sin, he talked with God on the mountain face to face, and the last part of the book of Exodus, much of Leviticus and Numbers are word to word what God said to him on the mountain.  That is the thing that people think so strange for Mr. Sandford to say - that he talks with God.  The whole of those books was taken from Moses talking to God.  How rich it is to have that experience!   And then on the top of that to be told that if you walk through hell it will not hurt you.  Your sufferings here so change you that the fires of hell cannot hurt you.

The Bible says that wickedness burns as an oven, but it never says that righteousness burns as an oven.  That solemn question is asked by Isaiah, "Who among us shall dwell with everlasting burning?"  Not the righteous man.  Sodom and Gomorrah suffered eternal vengeance and they are an example of what is to be done with sinners.  But what of the sinner?  "Depart into the lake of fire prepared for the devil:" it is not prepared for you, but for the devil.  If you are determined to follow the devil you must go with him and share his fate.  Now think of being so completely changed down here on this earth that you can go to that place of torment and not be tormented.   "He that overcometh shall not be hurt of the second death."  We have an illustration of that in the three worthies.

Nebuchadnezzar put up a great golden image on the plain of Dura in the province of Babylon, and commanded everybody to bow down and worship it when the music started, and that every man that would not fall down and worship it should be cast alive into the burning fiery furnace heated seven times hotter than it was wont, and when the test came there were three men that sat bolt upright.  When the king heard of it he called them and said, "Is it true that you have refused to worship the god that I have set up?"  And they answered and said. "O king, be it known to thee our God is able to deliver us, and be it known to thee that if he does not we will not worship your god."  The mightiest men took these three men (I call them Bible School students, men who are going to be true at any cost), and they bound them and threw them into this furnace, and the fire was so hot that it leaped out and burned up those men that threw them in.

The king looked down at the fire, and what did he see?  Why, he was thunderstruck, he was overwhelmed and he cried out, "Did not we cast three men bound into the fiery furnace?"   "And they said, it is true, O king."  "But I saw four men loose: and the form of the fourth was like unto the Son of God."  What are you going to do with a man that cannot be hurt?  There they were in hell, and hell could not touch them.  Nebuchadnezzar had done all that he could do, and all that he had succeeded in doing was to burn off their bands and heave them free for glorious communion with the angelic host: there was nothing else left to do.  What else could he do, but cry, "Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, servants of the most high God (Notice he did not talk with any disrespectful tone this time.  He had a good deal of respect for those young Bible school students.  Please notice that he thought that the golden image was the most high god a few minutes ago.  He changed his mind, got converted and acknowledged that there is a God greater than his god.), "come forth,"   And they came forth.And all the king's council gathered around them and they could not find so much as the smell of smoke about them.

What did they do?  They could do nothing but fall down and worship, and send out the decree that anybody who had anything to say against the God of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego could be cut in pieces and their houses made a dunghill.  And they sent out that decree to the whole world, and made those three men great in Babylon.  That is what comes to the man that goes through with God.  He that overcometh like that shall not be hurt of the second death: hell itself cannot hurt such a man.

That is the way I feel.   God has done so much for me that it does not hurt me much now.  Seven years ago in Auburn I was like a man skinned alive with red pepper thrown all over him, as I sat there and listened to men lie about me.  (Leander Bartlett trial , Feb. 1904 Ed.) I have a letter in my pocket now, written by one of those witnesses that says she knew all the time she was talking that Shiloh was right and that I had never done her any harm.  She said that she had never had peace from that day to this.  She asked one favor - that I would please forgive her, and just one more, that I would pray for her.  She wrote me eight pages in heart-broken penitence.  She has suffered more in these seven years than I have, though I have suffered.  I was proud.  I had been hauled through these streets in triumph from the baseball field by the school boys simply because we gave Colby a thrashing.  I went back there this time a prisoner riding in a ten cent team with a deputy.  I went into the jail and sat down awhile and thought it all over, and then heard one of my old college mates read off seventeen or eighteen most stinging things that I was accused of having done wrong.  And they proceeded to tell all the things they knew and many they did not, but had to make up on spur of the moment.  They said I looked like a sphinx.   That was the best thing I could do.  The lawyer said I was laughing, but he was lying or prevaricating.  I went up and down those steps smarting in every pore of my being, when if I had done what I naturally would have done I would have knocked two or three of those men out of space in about three seconds.  But no, God had conquered Sandford.  I went up those steps saying this, "What I am is stronger than what they say I am."  Well, that was going through hell for me.  The people are not to blame for they hear such foolish culch in the papers that they do not know what to believe.

[ED: "It was a new sensation," Sandford wrote later, "to enter the Lewiston Street where once he had been carried by his college friends in triumph of college sports,"   accompanied by band music. Still, he said, he had never felt so great on the streets of Lewiston" as he did now at his arrest (for Leander Bartlett, Feb. 1904) it was "like Paul going to Rome." from Glad Tidings of the Kingdom Oct 2, 1903 - March 31, 1904  from Shirley Nelson's unpublished page notes for Fair Clear and Terrible p.459   Hmmmm.]

This time when I went before "The powers that be" I did not feel that way; I felt that my hands had been burned away, I had a delightful time.  There may have been a few moments when I heard things said that were not so that I felt it somewhat.  I have been treated like a gentleman in Portland.  I never was insulted in that city.  The only thing I ever saw was a look from a certain person who did not belong in that city and a boy who shouted "How do you do, Mr. Sandford."  I have not felt the way I used to feel at all.  I have had a consciousness of exhilaration.  Been on my feet for God.  I knew that I had been true to God, had done no wrong, and had obeyed orders.   I knew, and everybody else on the ship knew that the trouble on board was due to rank disobedience to God Almighty. God said "The far north."  A man said, "No," - one or two of them did - enough to break the unity of the company, and others felt in unity with them.  When we turned the prow of the vessel south, for that was done, the vessel had disobeyed God.  Never in all the history of our trips had she failed to do what God said, until she turned South when God said, "North."

The sailing master said, "O, Mr. Sandford, I shiver at the thought of turning south.  What have we got to live for if we do not obey God?  If God Almighty does not settle the accounts of some of those men and run them down to the finish, I am mistaken."   Well, he got it right.  Forty five days he dealt with us just as He did with those who refused to go into the Promised Land.  God said that not one of those men should enter the Promised Land, and then back into the wilderness they went, and thirty eight years afterward He was still following them, and continued to until they had all laid their carcasses in the desert graves.  Then God said, "Now rise up and get over the brook Zered."

I suppose Moses might have been indicted for not having taken a sufficient amount of food into a howling wilderness to last them forty years.  He might have told them that he was not aware they were going to be forty years; for he was going a distance that he could compass in eleven days. (Worthy of reflection). We have three or four times gone the distance that we went this time in ten or eleven days, while it took us over a month to travel it this time.  I am very thankful that there were not more dead.  Some of the people that were taken were not to blame at all but were taken in atonement for others.   Charles Hughey was an atoning lamb.  He was a hero, every inch of him.   When I proposed that we abandon the ship he said, "Why, Mr. Sandford, I would rather go down on the Coronet than sail the sea on any other vessel."   He meant it, too.  That is heroism.  Then he prayed, O how he prayed; he talked to the Coronet as to a living thing.  He kept on talking, and talking, and kept at it until his faith had prevailed.  He succeeded in his prayer until the Coronet reached the city, and then the dear fellow laid his life down.  Precious man, I am glad to honor him today in the presence of this people.  He was a "worthy," he went through the fiery furnace, he did not quail.  Give me a thousand such men as Charles Hughey from the State of Maine and we would turn the world upside down.  He did not turn; he was true to the end.

What a wonderful thing to go through suffering here and have the bands burned away so that hell itself cannot hurt you.   I think the way I felt that night I went to jail a very wonderful thing.  Of course, I felt a little peculiar feeling when I shook hands with Mr. Perry, and said, "Good-by," with the iron door waiting for me, but, oh, I found God in the things.  First I heard them say, "Take Mr. Sandford up to a room."  I said, "Thank God they are going to give me a room.  A few minutes later I heard the warden say, "Give Mr. Sandford a lamp," and I said, "Thank God," for they do not usually give prisoners lamps."  Then they shut me up there in the room with a few cats in it, but no one in them.  I said, "Thank God they are going to give me a room alone."

I always said I would find a prison some day.  Paul used to know what it was to be in prison "oft," and I had accepted the God of Paul, so why should I not expect to find a prison?  I walked back and forth in that room which was from twenty to twenty-five feet long, and about fifteen feet wide, for some time.  Then I laid down after a little and prayed and thanked God for what he had done for me.  I then took the blood of Christ to cleanse the room from all the filthiness of the past.  Then I got the window up and thanked God for some fresh air to breathe.  After I laid down I was not very warm so I spread my heavy overcoat over me which made me warm enough, so I thanked God for that.   I lay there and prayed and gradually the little room began to be filled with the glory of God.  It did not seem as if I were four feet from the turret, and I learned afterward that the young lady who was in the turret at the time felt the same about the prison.

At midnight I got my Bible out and said, "I will read about the first prisoner."  I read all the life of Joseph, how God was with him in all he did, and how God prospered him wherever he went, and blessed him and put him over all the prisoners.  I said "That is good," and went on walking back and forth there talking with God.  I had such a wonderful time that it was a positive delight to stay there.  The atmosphere of the room changed all over and it was as if I were floating in God.  I lost all sense of a jail and said to myself involuntarily, "This is a palace; it is not a jail."   Then I remembered the source of that old piece of poetry, "Prisons would palaces prove if Jesus abideth with me there."  I had the reality first, and then the poetry came to my mind.  Then I said, "How precious that is."   There was no jail in the jail.

The other fellow comes in and swears and damns because the air is not good, and there are not bed clothes enough to keep him warm, and this and that.  I do not remember of swearing once. (Suppressed laughter).  Why do you laugh?  I should think if I am such a devil as you make me out to be you would expect me to swear.  You laugh because you know that I am a righteous man.  I used to know how to swear as well as you do, but God has taken it out of me.


After awhile the prisoner who was over the other prisoners came in. He was as kind and pleasant as he could be. I thanked him for his kindness and I had a friend right off. He did not hear me say, "What did you put me down in the damned old hole for?" He found a man that walked just as Jesus would. Then I prayed for him and all the other prisoners in the world. I thought of the sheriff and I prayed for him and all the other sheriffs in the world; and then I prayed for the warden and all the other wardens in the world.

I thanked god for all the good things I had found, and because I appreciated what I had, better and better things kept coming. The next morning they brought me my food. After that, the High Sheriff of Cumberland County wanted to see me, and I wondered if there might be a dozen more writs to be served. But instead I was shown downstairs to a large room where I was met by a nicely dressed gentleman with an uncommonly nice face who said, "Will you come in, Mr. Sandford?" And then what do you suppose he said: "Mr. Sandford, will you ask the blessing?". I could not have been asked with any more hearty tone by a Shiloh person. I prayed out the appreciation of my heart and then asked the blessing.

After the meal he showed me down with as much courtesy as though I had been the King of England. I did not have to be in the jail again. He said I could stay out there in the large room. That night he telephoned down that Mr. Sandford was not to blame and for them to show him every courtesy. I had a nice bed that night with plenty of room as I could walk back and forth and pray all I wanted to.

My heart is warmer toward the building called Portland jail than any other building in Portland. So you wonder I call it a palace? It was a palace to me because Jesus abode with me there. What do you call that? If that is not one of the "Worthies" walking through the fire, what is it? I did not have any sense of anything except that the people loved me, respected me, and appreciated me. That is what I am speaking of--he that goeth through the suffering and persecution and prison life spoken of in the Book, that man shall not be hurt of the second death. It is worth something to be free. I am as free as a bird because my bands have been burned away by the sufferings I have had in the past. It is worth something, young men in here from the Falls, and strive to have that in you. It is better than a twenty five thousand dollar check for you can get everything that money can buy and not be satisfied, while I am satisfied not to have a penny. I have learned in whatsoever state I am in therewith to be content.

The first church failed in not being loving: the second church had no fault found with it because it had suffered. Blessed be suffering.

Now the third church. Rev. 2:12. Now this church was tempted on the lines of impurity, committing fornication. The white stone is the person who is an overcomer and lives a pure life. It is a wonderful thing to be a victor over your passions. There are not many men who


are master on that line: but God is able to make you pure and clean and to make you holy. God is able to take the impurity that is in the man or woman out of them and to make them holy. No fornicator will ever go into the presence of God. No person that is indulging in impurity will ever go in to the presence of God. Any man, if he is thinking of such a thing, if he should drop dead would not enter the kingdom of God.

I want to warn you that the habit of impurity in any shape or manner will damn your soul. You think it is a very small sin but God hates it and will never have it, and a holy God will damn you if you have it around you. "And such were some of you, but ye are washed, ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus." Thank God there is a chance to be forgiven, but no person indulging in impurity can be forgiven can enter the presence of God. You will certainly here it, O man, you will hear God that knows the dirty life you live say, "Depart." That will damn your soul if you do not get rid of it. You cannot get rid of it by turning over a new leaf. If you turned over a dozen new leaves you could not get rid of it for you would have the past to account for. If you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as the Son of God, whom God sent to help you on that, and every other line, if you believe him, and confess Him publicly as your Saviour, Jesus of Nazareth will take that dirty filthy stuff out of you completely and entirely. I know because I speak from experience. I want to say to any man here that I know what it is to be the dirtiest of the dirty, and the vilest of the vile, and you have got a man here talking with you now that is the cleanest of the clean, and white as an angel's wing on that subject. God is listening and knows that I am telling exact facts. God has wiped the dirty filthiness out of my life completely and absolutely, and what he has done for me He can do for you, and you can go out of that door clean with that dirty thing under your heel. The Son of God is coming and you have got to stand before Him and give an account for all that. I advise you to drop your sins today.

I want to say to people here on this hilltop that if you are ever careless between the sexes in my absence (you know this hilltop has been kept straight on that line when I was here, even my bitterest enemies say there never was a place as pure as Shiloh), God will find the neck of every thought and every deed, and it seems to me that He will put on the thunders of Omnipotence to damn your souls if you turn aside in my absence after hearing all the godly truth that I have stood for here.

There is deliverance for the poor lustful man or woman--absolute deliverance from every trace of the devil's power. I have it, and you can have it. The God who kept me in my journey around the world, the God who has been with me in Portland prison has been with me out of prison and has kept me snow white on that point, He can keep you that way. You can walk in snow white with the Son of God. Isn't it grand? He that is victorious can be so clothed. You have got to be straight in your very thoughts, you have got to give up your thoughts. You


cannot lie on your bed and think dirty thoughts. "Let the unrighteous man forsake his thoughts." The blood of the Son of God come in and cleanse your mind so that it will be clean and holy and pure.

Now we come to the fourth church. this church has the sin of listening to people who are not right. Read from the eighteenth verse to the close of the chapter. Now it is of the utmost importance that you keep yourself from whatever is impure for this movement is the mixture there is with the world. You cannot mix with them without becoming just as bad as they are. People say that is very narrow. You had better be narrow and by so doing get people into the straight and narrow way. I have always been free and frank with sinners, but no sinner can say that I have spent my time around the country store gabbing and gossiping. It is more of a kindness to go away during the noon hour and spend your time with God, and then come out and have something to give them to feed their souls then to stand around and talk with them about anything and everything. They have seen me vanish into the woods between the morning and afternoon service and then come out with a message from God for them.

My advice to you is to keep yourselves absolutely separate from sinners. Christ was separate from sinners, holy, harmless, undefiled. He was called the friend of sinners, nevertheless, the Bible says he was separate from them. It was his separateness that brought salvation to us. When you lose your separateness as a people you are no good to the world. The more particular you are here at Shiloh the more good you are when people want help. I would not give ten cents a hundred for you if you mix with ungodly people for if you mix you become just like them. KEEP YOURSELVES SEPARATE in the barrier and the only one that will allow God to have fellowship with you. I know that if you do keep yourselves separate they will have reason to bless you in the end. If you mix with ungodly people in common conversation and fellowship you are breaking the Bible which says, "Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them." You want to draw your skirts right back sharp. The man that comes here and swears a hundred times, more or less, that he will be true to the end, and then packs his grip and goes away is an out and out rebel, and then you go over and eat with him and talk with him--you are a sham, both of you. he is a traitor and willing for everybody to go to hell. He knows this is the place where the battle is being fought for the world. You know and he knows it and he does not respect you for mixing with him. They have more respect this minute for Mr. Sandford with his ringing trumpet voice than for any of you that mix with them. They know that Mr. Sandford is praying for them but that he will not mix with them for a minute. If God sends him he will go and spend all day and all night laboring with them for their souls, but he will not go to have a good time, and to enjoy the pies, and tell the news, etc. Anybody that does it is a traitor to men's souls. I hope everyone outside will send those who do such things back and say, "Go and practice what Mr. Sandford told you."


The man that does keep separate will rule the nations with a rod of iron, that is, he will practice the Bible and the Son of God when He comes back will pick him out and say, "You have been faithful over a few things, rule over five cities." To another, "You take that great city, and this one, and that one over there." To another, "You take charge of London and Liverpool--two cities." That is the way it is going to be in the millennium.

God is going to send his word forth from Jerusalem and nations will be rebuked by the same good word I am reading to you today. Do not think that Mr. Sandford has gone too far and gotten into trouble. Mr. Sandford has done alright--just what God wanted done, and the only trouble with him is he got in with a set of sinners who would not obey God, and he is taking the pay for it; but I have no whine about it. I will take God with me wherever I go and if I ever turn up again you will find me right about my business. There are lots of men that do not understand me, but every man who if he did understand me and know the facts of the case and would be true and appreciate a true man--I am going to have every such man in North America, among the Eskimo, the Indians, the Mexicans and every nationality in America from the polar regions to the Canal Zone. I am going to have every man woman and child who would do right if they only knew what was right, in the name of the Son of God who died for them. I told Jesus Christ that if he could die for them I could see that he got them. I do not care where you put me, or what you do with me, you cannot bottle my prayers up. I am going to turn this world upside down wherever I go. I can believe God, and when God sees a man that will not back down God will answer his prayers. I have North America by the hair of the head, and when I go down I will take North America with me. I told God that I had suffered considerably and I was going to have something to pay for it. If you have a decent heart inside you you will say, "Hurrah, that is the kind of stuff."

I had a brother Tom in the First Maine Cavalry who went out where he was exposed to the fire of the two armies. Some years ago I led a man to Christ who was in the same Cavalry and he said he never saw a man so brave as Tom in his life. I said, "You talk about Tom Sandford and nothing about Jesus Christ who not only risked His life but died for us." That threw a different light on the character of Jesus to that man. We want people who will be out and out like the First Maine Cavalry. They were in more battles than any other regiment. That is what you want to be and what I want to be, the First Maine Cavalry on a charge, every single one of you out and out for God, so clean, so holy, so true, that every single decent man will know by the sound of your voice that you are true and come around to hear you.

"The prayer of a righteous man availeth much," and I am that kind of man. I was just as mean as any of you are, but God saved me. I am going to have your souls and I advise you not to throw too much mud for you may wake up some day and have to come and confess what


have done and ask my pardon. You better keep still if you do not want to have to do that. You know that he is true and that you would better be true to him. Until you know yourself, not through a paper written by some half drunk fiend, that this man is wrong and you are sure it is the voice of God asking you that, you would better keep still and be careful, because I assure you that here is a man that is genuinely interested in your soul, not to boss you or to rule you, but because he wants your soul saved. I know I am only doing what he told me to do--"Remove the covering."

It is amazing the power God is going to give to you if you are only true to Him in the end. I can feel myself growing in the estimation of God every minute I am true to Him; and it will be the same with you. I do not care what you think or what you say, we are going to have every true soul on this globe, and we will have every one of the nations living the same kind of lives that we live on this hilltop. God Almighty did not send me around this globe for nothing. I did not do it for fun; I did it for facts, and God will back me up. I am going to have every blessed man on this globe and I know it.


Father, we sprinkle the blood of the Son of God over them now to cleanse them and to bring them to yourself in Your own mighty way, to understand what I am talking about. In Christ's name, Amen.

The next church is more like some of our modern churches. It was not a very good church. It has a good name outwardly, but it is a dead church. Now this church did not have its works perfect, did not believe in doing anything perfect, and did not plan on being right. They thought it was quite excusable if they did steal a little, for no man can be perfectly honest you know. Alright if they do have a little impurity once in awhile because nobody can be perfect, you know. It is a lie of hell. I want you to understand that when Jesus Christ came down He died to make men what they ought to be. By faith in the Son of God you can be exactly what you ought to be. The church goes around and whines that nobody can live holy. If a man goes around and says nobody can live perfectly honest, you know that man is thief because if he is perfectly honest he would not get up and tell about how a person could not live perfectly honest. If a man gets up in one of the churches and says that a person cannot live perfectly straight you know that he is a scamp. It is a lie of the devil that nobody can live perfectly straight. Jesus Christ expects to find you perfect because He shed His blood to cleanse you and make you perfect in every good work to do His will. When you people at Shiloh get so you doubt that, or back out and do not live it, you are a sham and your name is Ingersoll. That book just as it reads, or nothing. That is what we planted under the first cornerstone. I said, "I want a Bible." What do you suppose they brought me? One that had some verses cut out, but they said that was a Bible. Didn't I turn my nose up at that! Do you suppose that I would


have part of a Bible like that under there? You have not the slightest right to be here unless you live a pure, holy, honest life. Anybody that does not live that kind of life the people on the outside will get hungry to have the same kind of life that you have. When the persecution comes and some dirty article comes out in the paper, then they do not want Shiloh's religion; but when they are dying they will send over and say, "Pray for my poor soul." No trouble when you are dying, you want Shiloh's religion then. If you are dying then you are face to face with God Almighty, then there is no trouble, you know whose religion you want. You know the people who are talked about and have been talked about ever since 1895--it is now 1911--you know, that these people are not staying here just for the fun of it, for the sake of deceiving people, but because they believe that Jesus is the Son of God, and they are staying here because of their religion, and they have the real article. People know it, and hell knows it, and that is why hell is spending so much of its time on me. Soon Satan will be in the pit, and every unclean spirit out of the land, then we will have no devil around here. There will be no proud people then: every proud person will be trodden to ashes. People will here these awful words, "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it to me." That is just exactly what you will hear.

People little know that their whole fate is being settled by the way they treat me. They think they had me before the court a week ago Saturday, but I had them before another court. The Son of God says that when we are brought before magistrates we are not to premeditate, for it is not we that speak but the Holy Ghost, and it shall be a testimony against them. If there is a jury man that did not treat me right that will be a testimony before God against him. If I am not treated right in the sentence that will be a testimony before God against those who give it. If they do what they honestly believe is the right thing for them to do, that is all I ask. I never prayed for them to do anything else. I never prayed for that man to free me. I said: "Lord, help that man to do what he honestly thinks is right!" I did not ask any favors. You do the thing that is right so you can give account before God. That is all I want and it is all I ask. You must do that or God will judge you. There is a court going on all the time, and God is watching. People have an idea that because everyone is piling on Shiloh that therefore it does not make much difference what they say. God will remember every word you utter, and inasmuch as you do it unto the least of these Christ's disciples you have done it to Christ, and you will have to suffer for it when you come before God. There is many a man who will find his soul saved because he treated me right. I will bear the testimony before God exactly as you heard me bear the testimony on people in Portland. I shall bear witness of what you do with this sermon I am giving you now. You will not find Mr. Sandford the disgrace of the whole courtroom in that assembly. He will not be there as a prisoner. Your very fate will depend on people who are spiritual enough to judge people in that day. I advise you to treat


this people here right. I will not be home as far as I know, but I advise you to treat this people here at Shiloh just a courteously as they have treated you; at least, it would be better for you at the judgment bar. God will remember anybody that tries to touch this people on this hilltop.

I do not care what they do to me. I told them in Portland I would just as soon go to jail as anywhere else. The officer who arrested me said, "Oh, Mr. Sandford, you must not go there." I was not concerned about it, but they were, and God will remember it at the day of judgment. Then a businessman comes, who, according to the lawyers report is worth a good deal of money, and what is he there for? Why, to go bonds. With all the meanness written about me he knew I had character enough not to run away, and he was willing to put property up on me. In spite of all that the paper said about me, a rank out and out unbeliever was willing to risk ten thousand dollars to do no good to himself. Inasmuch as he did that to me that dark night in Portland the Master will remember it. He may be surprised to find Mr. F. W. Sandford is quite influential in that court room, and he may say to the judge, "Your Honor, I have a few words to say for the prisoner at the bar: he dropped business to help me one black night when I was a poor and despised man, hated and hounded, and the people did not know what to believe, yet he had confidence in me."

Here is another man, a precious man who does a kindness. Well, Jesus knows it, and He will not forget it. There is not a man here who ever said a kind word about God's people on this hilltop, or did a kind deed, or stood up for them when everybody else was against them who will not be remembered in that day when the trial comes off. I advise you to do everything you can in the interests of this man and this people, for this man is true, and this people as far as they practice the Bible are true, and you will bless your own soul by being true to them. They shall rule the nations with a rod of iron a little hence. In thousands of ways these humble followers of the cross are going to be used to bless the world. They will bring people straight to the Word of God.

The next church is the church that practices the Bible. He found no fault with the church that suffered, and He finds no fault with the church that practices the Bible. Chap. 3:7-13

What is there about that church that received such wonderful blessing? Simply this, "Thou hast kept my word," read the Bible, and then done it. That is all, "Not hearers of the word, but doers." "And because thou hast kept My word I have loved thee, and when the hour of temptation comes over the whole globe," and it is coming now, you are going to have it from tomorrow, "I will keep thee from that." And how? By translating them. "One shall be taken and the other left." You will be caught up to be with Christ. The person that practices the Bible to the letter and honors God by doing what God commanded them to do, that is the


person that is worthy to escape the awful sufferings that are coming on this globe. The Bible says that there shall be such awful suffering as has never been known since the world began.

You hear a little of it already. You hear of the war brooding over Venezuela. You hear a little of it in Haiti. We struck it when we were down there. We heard the sentinels in the war camp shouting all night long. You hear a little of it in Mexico. England and Germany have come near having trouble just the last few months; almost anything will start it any day. Russia and the United States are not feeling very sweet over the Passport. Russia is backing down on Persia. War going on between Turkey and Italy. Most horrible cruelties going on on both sides, tortures unspeakable, such as taking a man's eyelids, turning them back and sewing them to his forehead and then leaving him exposed to the sun, burying men up to the neck and then leaving them, and all such cruelty. They buried one poor fellow, and he succeeded in working one arm free when someone came along and cut it off. It is just as likely as not to develop into the war where one third part of men are killed. France is having trouble with Morocco, and then China is engaged in civil strife. One fourth part of the whole globe convulsed in civil strife--a seething mass of civil war.

Now, when I was on the water just before we came in, God gave me one word. It was before we had the trouble on board. God gave me this word, "Distress," and I said, Probably we are going to have trouble in some way. After that we had the outbreak of scurvy and the terrible condition of things on board, which was distress to us. But I want you to remember, I want sinners to remember, that it is going to pass over onto your heads as well as onto F.W.S. Thus far I have been still and you have said what you wanted to about me, and I did not take up my pen and show that you lied. I did not tell what that woman confessed to me, I did not say that that man was guilty of some awful sin and I sent him out of the school. I have had some of the dirtiest things you ever heard of confessed to me. If I were to tell them there is more than one man who would hide his head in shame. They talk very glibly because they knew Mr. Sandford has character enough not to show them up. They knew if they tell me a thing I do not go and talk it over with someone else. That has gone on for eighteen years. I broke that silence involuntarily when a man deliberately said something that was rankly wrong. He said that I commanded them not to go and get a barrel of beef. In the first place he was not with me when I commanded: in the second place I did not know there was any beef on board; and in the third place I rebuked them very sharply for not getting it. That is the first time I have opened my mouth in these eighteen years, and then it was involuntarily. I want to tell you something. God has tested Mr. Sandford eighteen years, and you are going to have the same chance to prove whether a righteous man or not. You are going to have troubles go through the State of Maine that will make your cheeks turn pale and you will have a chance when you are going through them to find out whether you are a better man than Mr. Sandford. If you stand them better than Mr. Sandford did the things on the Coronet, very well; but if you do not stand them as well you will hear from God in a way that will make you feel as if there is a flogging master around.

He is going to handle Maine, the United States and North America too. If you see epidemics sweeping over the continent as you never saw them before, if you see ships from foreign countries coming over, if you see all the classes rising up against other until no woman is safe and no man is safe in his own house: if you see the fiend incarnate, man's passions breaking out against one another, if you see crimes stalking about us as you never saw them before, see war in every part of this country, and if on top of that you see strange sights in the heavens, stars falling the leaves of a fig tree, and one village after another all blotted out without a soul escaping by falling stars. There will be something like that happening all the time. Then on top of that a great tidal wave over two hundred feet high sweeping with tremendous violence fall right over backward and die from sheer fright. If you see such things just remember God is putting you through the same things He put us through on the Yacht Coronet. I will tell you before hand.

But if you are an overcomer and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ with all your heart and get cleansed from your sins and practice the Bible just as it reads then He says in that awful hell that is going to come, "I will keep thee." If you keep the Word at Shiloh just as I have kept it then He will keep you and you will have a chance to be kept from all these things and be caught up in the clouds. That is coming, and He says, "Therefore comfort one another with these words." Happy is the man that has come right here to poor despised Shiloh and taken the Bible, read it, practiced it, and done it thoroughly, for it does not do any good to come here unless you do it thoroughly, for only such a man is going to escape. The Master said, "Pray always that ye may be counted worthy to escape these things that are going to come on the earth." He comes first and takes everybody that is worthy to escape, and then after the marriage feast He comes back to this earth to judge the nations, and puts the sheep on the right hand and the goats on the left. You can escape if you heed the words of God.

He gave me the word, "Distress". I turned to the people and said, "This is what is coming on the globe." That was some two or three months ago out on the Atlantic. "Upon the earth distress." Now that has commenced. I never said that before, but I say it now. You have heard all your life about the great war in Europe; you are going to have it now. That is what it means when it says, "Distress of nations." But when these things begin to come to pass, the Master does not say that you will be sorry that you have been a genuine Christian; no, no, He says when these things begin to come to pass, "Look up," not down. Perhaps people think I am looking down at my future: no, no, I am looking up. My master may come before Monday. Look up and lift up your heads because your redemption draweth nigh. God is going to send His angels and take possession of this globe, and every proud spirited man has got to move, every person who is not meek will have to move. "The meek shall inherit the earth." All the proud shall be for stubble and the fire shall burn them root and branch. It is awful. God's judgments are going to overtake the world. Just as Sodom and Gomorrah were burned up root and branch so the whole earth is going to be visited when the Son of God comes back. That is what you are going to run into and I advise every man of you to flee for your lives while you have a man of God here to make it plain to you so that you can understand it. He says of the person that is an overcomer and does exactly what the Bible says, "Because thou hast kept my word, I will keep thee."

That is what it means when it says that five of the virgins were wise and five were foolish. The wise had God, and oil. The foolish did not, they had a mere form of religion. When Christ came they were not ready. Some had had some cross words with their neighbors and had not made them right. Some had been off eating and chatting with some kicker when the cry came that the Bridegroom was at hand they said, "Pray for me that I might be ready." "Ah, no," the wise virgins say, "I am going to be with the Master." While the foolish virgins were gone to get ready the Master came. Now if Jesus should come this minute are you ready? It is only the people that are ready that will be ready to go then. The person that does not keep himself habitually ready every hour of the day will never go inside the door. It is the people who have their robes ready that will go into the marriage feast.

Now we have the last of the seven churches. This is an account of a church that is very similar to what we find in most religious associations today. It is a fearful commentary. Just when people are reckoning on the fact that their church spire is a little higher than the other fellows, and their choir is better than the one in the neighboring church, then Jesus of Nazareth calls them poor and naked and miserable and blind. Now as we read this let us learn from it. They are neither intensely for God nor intensely against God. The Son of God said He would rather have an out-and-out sinner than a lukewarm Christian. It does not say that the stomach of the Son of God turns at an out-and-out sinner, but it does say that it did at one who is neither cold nor hot--a luke warm professor of religion. Divinity cannot contain itself when it runs against a lukewarm believer.

Now comes his advice to you, and I advise you to heed it. The gold tried in the fire is the same kind of stuff that is talking to you now. It goes through any kind of suffering until it is clean and pure and holy. And I counsel you to do the same thing, to keep the same kind of religion. "Anoint thine eyes with eye salve that thou mayest see." That eye salve is just the Holy


Spirit. The Holy Spirit will anoint your eyes so that you will understand the Bible and the things that are going on in the present time. "I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed; and anoint thine eyes with eye salve, that thou mayest see." First the gold tried in the fire, means that they go through suffering and stand everything for God, and come out pure and holy. Second, the white raiment means absolutely holy. Third, the eyes anointed with the eye salve, means that the Holy Spirit will anoint your eyes to understand the things that are going on in this world.

That is the message to the seven churches. he abhors that religion that does not expect to live the whole word of God and can persecute Him. What is the sense of going along with the trash that we have in the average religious bodies today? The world sneers at it and scoffs at it and it despises it, and they have a right to. I got out of it nineteen years ago today, the seventeenth of December. God said to me the sweetest word I had ever heard up to that time. It was the word, "Go". I did not wait. The very next day was Sunday, and I passed in my resignation. I said to my wife, "How would you like to come out and live the way our master did? It may lead to rags and it may lead us to the grave." She said, "I think it would be lovely,"

A very glad man was I to preach from the little word, "Go." I am so glad, I am as free as a bird today. I asked my wife the other day after we left the courtroom if she was sorry that we started out to live as Christ did. She replied with a laugh, "No indeed." She has suffered and I have suffered and our little children have suffered, but we are gold tried in the fire. It means much to us. I wrote to Mr. Holland a little while ago and said, "the thought of my children is like tearing strips of flesh off my being." But there is not a shadow of turning. I have never seen the time in all these years since God said, "Go" that I have had a shadow of turning.

I am going to have every decent man on this globe. When a man is ready to suffer like that he will get them. God has only been waiting for a man to believe Him, and He has got one. God's grace will carry him through. Of myself I am a poor miserable coward but God inside of me makes me brave. God has done it, and He has DONE it.

I would like the rest of you to have this kind of religion. What is the good of having that sham stuff? It does not amount to anything; there is nothing in it. There is one thing about this religion, and that is that people die well. One day when I was in Portland doing some business a young lady who is not in the work said to me (speaking of the hardships on the sea) "There is one thing about you people, you are ready to die; you would not be like the rest of us." In spite of all the ink that Satan can spread on paper the public know in their hearts that we are ready to meet God. That young lady knew, although the next minute she was talking all kinds of foolishness over the telephone, that this simple religion was the kind that made people


ready to meet God. It is worth a lot to be ready to die. I have seen wealthy men come to facing death and their money did not amount to much. They would have given all they had to be ready to meet God. This clap-trap religion that consists in hearing someone else sing and pray doers not amount to much. The only kind that amounts to much is the kind we read about in the book of Acts. That is the religion that is talking to you today.

You hear the sound of perils by sea, by the heathen, and by my own countrymen. I have been in perils on the sea. I have been in perils of the heathen. I have drifted to within a few feet of the shore when if we had landed the Moors would have made slaves of us. And I know what it is to come back to this state where I spent seventy days along its coasts in prayer and find myself in perils of my own countrymen. Did you ever hear of "Prisons oft?" Well, does this religion sound like that? Of being brought before magistrates? Yes. Well then, we have the real article; it sounds like the book of Acts, reads like it, and is like it. The people who are in it will go up easy when the Lord comes if they keep themselves spotless. I advise you to get that kind of religion. It is the only kind that will carry you through. He that endureth, how long? To the end. Ah, but how quick they turn aside! They cannot stand a little persecution in ink. What about the stuff that makes the Son of God sick? There is no salvation there. There may be a saint here and there who is groaning over the abomination in the denominations but there are precious few. I advise you to come in and take the suffering without any whining about it. You go through for God on your white charger and happy are you.

All you need is one little shake from God and there will be more deviltry shaken out of the State of Maine than you can imagine. There will be many a man that froths at the mouth at this man whose knees will shake and he will pale and say, "Would to God I had not said that about that man." One little shake will shut your mouth up and you will take the first train you can get (if they run next morning) and make a beeline for Shiloh and say, "Will you, for God's sake, pray for my soul and let me come to your meetings; and if you will not let me live on the hilltop let me live somewhere near." You are going to get some of those shakes now. I have gone through eighteen years and now God is going to take the case up.

Now God says, We will put you on the law case and if you stand the test as well as Mr. Sandford, well done: if not you will hear from it. You are going to get your dose as well as Mr. Sandford gets his. Then you think Mr. Sandford will be chuckling over it. He is not that kind of man. He will [be] praying for you and loving you. I have never in my heart cast off the rankest enemy I have. One flower that has grown in my life through my rankest enemy is love for my enemies. I consider that the greatest compliment that a Christian can have. I would get down this minute and wash the feet of the rankest enemy I have if I could help him, and do it gladly. There is not a thing in my heart against any human being. I fully and freely forgive every


man as God for Christ's sake forgave me. I pray for every attorney that rounds me up, for the judge, for the jury, and do not change whether it is "Guilty," or "Not guilty;" it does not make any difference. "The greatest of these is love." Love is love and you cannot beat it. Love never fails and it does not fail now. I love every man and every woman here. I do not have to pass it over quickly, either, I love every woman, and love her purely, and I love every child, and every father and every family. There is not a sheep that has ever been with me on this hilltop that I do not remember in my prayer.

(You will see this hilltop white with people flocking here; these buildings will not hold them). There will yet be a city here to which people will be flocking to get the religion that goes through to the end. All this other stuff is not God. It may have done some good in the past but it is no good when it comes to martyrdom; but this kind will carry you through and put you on a throne before the Son of God. That is the kind of religion that God wants on the earth, and He will not have any other kind.

The first kind was loving; the second was suffering; the third, pure; the fourth did not listen to people who were not right, mixed not with the world; the fifth was perfect; the sixth practiced the Bible; and the seventh was pure gold, clothed in white and having eyes anointed to see clearly what is going to take place on this globe so that they can act intelligently for God. Those are the kind of people God is going to have on the globe; nobody else is going to be allowed to stay. If you do not suffer you will never be made pure or perfect, so you must be a suffering body of people. If you listen to people who do not teach the truth you will not be allowed to stay here. There is not going to be a Christian around that Christ can call lukewarm; they are not going to stay on the globe. Man, you are the one that is on inspection and not Mr. Sandford. If you do not care the snap of your finger whether men are saved or not, God does not want you here. The meek, that are meek enough to take the Bible just as it reads and practice it are going to inherit the earth. He says, "Seek meekness;" and Christ says, "Take my yoke upon you for I am meek and lowly in heart, and ye shall find rest to your souls." So much for the first seven.

Please read the fourth and fifth chapters which bring us to this movement. That sublime picture of a man going into heaven and seeing what is there brings us face to face with God. It is a wonderful picture that is before our attention.

Fifth chapter. Here some being undertakes to lift a mortgage from this globe. The book sealed with the seven seals is nothing more nor less than a mortgage against the globe and unless someone pays it off an foreclosure takes place. That is why John wept when he saw its tremendous significance. If this could not be paid the whole field was lost and this globe must be passed into the hands of an angry God who had a right to demand the death of every creature that had sinned. It was a fearful moment, an awful time. It was for that reason that John wept; He wept because his heart broke.


It is like someone who has worked all his life to get a farm and cannot manage to get money enough to meet the payment, and so the poor man and his wife leave the old homestead and go over the hill penniless and heart broken because all the work of years is lost, That is the way they felt, and in that time of awful need, not the Lion in His bravery but the Lamb in His worthiness stood up. When He stood up all heaven and the earth and all the creatures broke into a great thunderous applause of appreciation, adoration and worship and honor to Him. And what was it that made Him transcendent above everything in the earth or sea, or under the sea? Just one thing - He had suffered, "Worthy is the Lamb that was slain," He laid His life down for us all: He has a right to redeem this globe. He bought the whole field so as to make sure of every sinner, He has a right to lift the mortgage -- a man who put out His hand and said, "A spike for every hand: a spike for every foot: A thorn for every brow, and a spear for every heart," Worthy is the Lamb. His character is so wonderful!

Would you not like to have a character like His? Then suffer, that is the whole of it--suffer--He suffered. "Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honor and glory and blessing." That thunderous applause was the sublimest moment in the history of the universe,

Calvary is grand, but this is a little ahead of Calvary in one respect, and that is, that Calvary is where the foundation is laid and this is the finishing out of Calvary. When He stepped up before the Father and took that book which will let out the final outcome which is called, Salvation ready to be revealed in the last time.

What does that mean? It means just this; that a man has a farm and has fallen behind in his payments, and a lot of tramps come along and settle on it and he is not able to hold his own, There is so much that is not right that has been done, and he finds himself hopelessly Involved, and then someone comes along and pays off all the bills on the old place, and then there is no one has a right to come and tread on his farm: every tramp has got; to move off; every sneering enemy has got to get off, the deed is his and he has it in his pocket,

Christ died on Calvary, but when he took the book out of the hand of Almighty God, He said, "We will settle things up," And He proceeded to put the tramps off this globe, and nobody is going to be left here but believers in the Son of God. No pleas put forward for them to come to the altar tonight, none of that. No begging you, to accept the gospel when God Almighty takes hold of the tree and shakes till stars fall and oceans pile up and thunder all along the coast, He is going to mow down more than one half of this globe. There will not be a soul left but people that are absolutely pure and holy, and humble, He will not leave a proud person, not a kicker, and only those who ore absolutely separate from sinners, harmless and undefiled and like their Lord.


Our redemption draweth nigh when the tribulation begins. That is the fulfillment of what He bought on Calvary, What does that mean? It means the Great Policeman, The Holy Ghost that you sneer at, the Almighty Spirit of God, the Executive Of the Father and of the Son. The seven Spirits of God sent forth into all the earth--that means the Lamb of God with His seven horns who can fight as well as die. When He arises to fight the strongest men will grow pale and beg for mountains to fall on them and hide them from His face. The Holy Ghost you sneer at is going to put every man off this globe that is not absolutely true to God and His people,

When it says that the hour of His judgment draweth nigh it means that very thing, the purchased possession is going to be yours, There is not going to be a sinner around, no sneering devils looking in at the window, no world saying, "Crucify Him," or a backslider or a truce breaker,-God by Almighty power, with war and famine and pestilence is going to sweep this globe with the bosom of destruction, and this globe will be held alone by people who are true to God. In the day of judgment you will be judged not by whether your name is in the Methodist or Baptist church book, or any other book, but the only thing He will want to know is, "What have you done with my people?" How have you treated people who are true to God?

There will not be an old worm eaten church book called for, He does not care when you were baptized, all he cares about is how you have treated His people in this very time. If they were hungry and you gave them something to eat, well, blessed are you. That is all the examination you will have, not what you believe. What you believe is proved by what you do, If you believe that man is a good man you will treat him right. That is my proof with legs to it. I care nothing about dissertations. Precious little does He care about your saying, "Great and glorious God," He says, "How did you treat my servant who is absolutely true to me," You say, "O, no, I didn't put him in prison, I wept and wailed, and prayed for him, I did everything I could to help him," He will line you right up sharp to that one thing--how did you treat my man, my people. That is the one thing He will line you up on according to the record in the Book, nothing else at all. I would rather be an out and out free thinker and be willing to back up a righteous man the way some of them have done, than to have the D.D.'s [Doctors of Divinity, Ed.] (with their tall hats) in a row who got on a bench and fought for him to go to prison. I presume a great many of them are blind, but they have got to suffer for it, gentlemen. They will all have to settle up with God Almighty before they get through. There is Judge up there that will call them to account for it. I love them, but they have got to suffer for what they do, You did not tramp from house to house over the State of Maine and you sneer at those who did. You did not give them literature and you sneered at those who did, You never saw the inside of prison, and you would not for Christ's sake, and you sneered at and tried to blame those who did.

What is communion? It is to converse. You sneered at those who believed in what you said when you raised your hands on Sunday and said, "The communion of the Holy Ghost be with you," and


if their flock got what they bespake upon them they would have the same kind of an experience Mr. Sandford has had, exactly. It does not mean anything else. It means that exact thing, that is what it means to pronounce the benediction, and yet it so seldom takes effect that a man who does talk with God is thought to be a very peculiar character. That shows that something is lacking in those ministers. That is the kind of religion that is not living the Word and will never stand the storm that is coming, I do not hate them, I pray for them faithfully, I doubt very much if there is a Methodist in this state that has prayed for the people as much as I did during those seventy days along the coast of Maine. I have prayed for them for hours, all night long till three or four o'clock in the morning-for every minister and deacon, Sunday school teacher and laboring man. When labor day came what do you suppose I did? I took the day last Fall for fasting and prayer for the laboring men, their wives, their families, that God would care for the precious little company and get their souls ready to meet God.

When Edward was crowned I went out into the grove at Highfield house and prayed that God would make him a good king and bless England, I spent my time in seeking to help and bless people. When I talked about these religions that are not satisfactory I am not an enemy, but I am trying to get them to live the religion that is in the Book. I want them to get what is in this Book so they can stand when they meet God, but nothing can stand that is not absolutely pleasing to the Christ.

What took place after the Son of God took the Book? He immediately proceeded to tear it open. He tore off one seal and then another and another. Now we have come to this movement. The first seal is a white horse, the second a red horse, the third a black, and the fourth a pale horse, The other three represent martyrdom, the powers of heaven shaken, and the prayers of the saints offered up.

The first horse is nothing more nor less than the instantaneous action of the Son of God taking forcible possession of the farm or globe, The first thing He does is to send the white horse with authority around the globe to represent Him and to break the power of Satan in prayer. He proposes to take possession of every country by the prayers of those who have gone forth, to take possession by signs and wonders and mighty deeds dealing tenderly with all those who will receive the truth when the judgments fell till He finally gets a great number out of the tribulation who have washed their robes. In other words, He is not, subjugating the globe by the simple Gospel merely till He makes men know that He is God and that He is going to reign absolutely over this globe,

These seals bring out, first: The Authority of a God-sent gospel. Second: the war that will follow to all who will not accept the war of the white horse. If they will not accept spiritual warfare and make terms then they will get carnal war-the red horse. And the next, the black horse is the result of the war--famine, The next is the pale horse which represents death which comes to one fourth part of the human race who are going to be destroyed in one of these


four ways--war, famine, pestilence, and by wild beasts which are going to multiply and grow and devour people fearfully just as they used to in the Holy Land when people rebelled against God.

The first seal is nothing more nor less than this movement, and when the Coronet started out from Gibraltar that was the white horse going around this globe as a sign to bring the walls down. Please read the sixth chapter and as you read put in the word "Go", instead of "Come and see", as the Greek word can be translated either way properly. I well remember when the twentieth century came in a voice said as distinctly as a man would speak, "Go," I did not hear it with these ears, it was the still small voice that Elijah heard. I feel sure that that should have been translated "Go" instead of "Come and see", for it started the white horse out instead of calling him out,

"And I saw, and behold a white horse and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him, and he went forth conquering and to conquer." It did not happen that the crown was put up there on that hilltop. I did not know why it was put there when we did it, I simply felt led to have it put up. God had not made known to us the fact that this movement was the white horse spoken of here. What does it mean by the bow? A bow is something you fight with, is it not? In the Book of Habakkuk it says, "Thy bow was made quite naked, even thy word," According to that, if this is a correct translation the bow is the Word of God. This rider whether it is a man or body of people--whatever it is, had two things, a bow which is the Bible, and a crown. There are none of us but what have Bibles, but it is one thing to have a Bible in your room and quite another to have it in your heart--a very part of you as a result Of having lived it. Precious little good your Bibles in your hand will do if it is not in your heart. Tremendously thankful were we that we had learned to live the Bible when we were off Cape Horn and our life boat was smashed, our main-boom broken short off and things broken and sails gone. If we had not lived the Bible before that we would not have known how to believe God to save us then when nothing else could save us. When we got to Australia they told us that seventeen or eighteen vessels had gone down recently off Cape Horn. We lived the Bible when we were in Maine and we had a right to believe in Christ when we were off Cape Horn, We did believe in Him, and because we did He saved us. Such things as that happened hundreds of times. God was real to us in such times.

We were going ten knots an hour one day across the Pacific when all of a sudden our sail gave away. We took it down and repaired it and just got it up when the wind gave out. I said, "That is strange," The next morning being clear and the wind springing up we started out again. We had not gone far when the man on watch called out, "Reef ahead." The reef was something like twenty or twenty-five miles long. It was not put down on the chart and as far as I know no one knew that it was there. If that sail had not given out at that wind died down you would never have heard of us again. We had our old book and the promises in it were ours, we had the Bible. It says, "He had a bow,"--he had it. He did not have to read it to see what was inside of it. He had it and it was inside of him.


Well, "I saw, and there was given unto him a crown." There is the authority of God Almighty. God made us know just how many people were to go around the world, and it was not Mr. Sandford that got the message but a man from the Pacific coast. He said these words came to him once, and he could not imagine what they meant till we were getting the company to go around the globe. "One of the thirty." Perhaps it is "The Thirty" that it refers to when it speaks of the rider on the white horse. They had a crown of authority given to them, by God Almighty, and they had a "Bow" the Bible with which to fight as they went. You think that does not mean anything but if I could take some of my critics with me around the globe and take you through some of the experiences we went through it would fairly start the hair off of your heads. If you could hove followed us around the globe you would feel like taking your hats off to us. We had some fearful times.

One night when we went ashore it was dark and we could not see plainly and in running towards the shore, before we knew it a mighty billow fifteen or twenty feet high came and took our little boat and flung us into the water. There we were with those great high billows coming down on us with tremendous violence. One of our men could not swim. Some of us got on top of the capsized boat and shouted to the man that could not swim to see if we could find him, but got no answer. We found afterwards that he was underneath the boat holding on for his life with almost a death grip. The next moment and a tremendous billow swept us all off into the water again. I went down, down, down and then struck out for the shore, I had not gone long when I struck an oar which I grabbed and hung on to, However, I had not gone far before finding someone else had hold of the same oar so let go as I knew we could not both keep up with it. I will not go into the particulars, but after some very, very narrow escapes, we all got ashore on the banks of the Longo in Africa, 1 place marked on maps "abounding with wild beasts," and we saw their tracks next morning where they had gone by us not very far off. One of our men was taken with a very serious attack of pneumonia,. We prayed for him and instead of getting better he kept getting worse, We prayed again and still a third time before there was any change, It looked for a little while as though there was no possible way to save him. When the morning came and the sun arose with its awful tropical heat it found us with just one hat for protection for the whole company. We prayed earnestly for God to protect us from the heat and He sent a cloud so that the direct rays of the sun were shut away from us. We had not breakfast so got down and asked God to give us something.

In a little while we saw a boat coming from the ship. But the billows were running so high that the man in the boat gave up all hope of reaching us when suddenly, while he was off his guard a moment a great billow came and lifted that boat right up and washed it and its contents ashore. But everything had been tipped into the water and was all wet. None of us had any dry matches with which to light a fire but found that the man that was in the boat declared that he had some that were dry, and sure enough, for he had put them in his hat.

So we gathered some sticks and made a fire and warmed our food which had been protected from getting wet by being carefully put up.


We had the bow with us when we went around the globe or we would not be here telling you about it now. I know the Coronet went around the globe as the white horse conquering and to conquer. The last message that God gave us when we came into Portland was that same old message--"Go forth, conquering and to conquer."

I am now doing what God wants me to do and I hope that the rest of the people that went around the globe with me are doing the same and that we will always "Go forth, conquering and to conquer" wherever we go. This movement is the first thing that came out when the first seal was opened, a movement authorized to remove the covering cast over the face of the whole globe.

What do we mean by the covering? That thing that keeps God from being real to people. Hardly anybody knows God for himself. They know about God, they have read the Bible some, and have heard about Him, but as to really being acquainted with Him they know very little of Him. Now God wants that thing changed, He wants everybody to know the Lord from the least to the greatest as He said to me the fourteenth of April, eighteen hundred ninety eight, when I was spending the day in prayer, "Remove the covering cast over all the earth." Later He said, "Oversee it,"

The other night I went back there where He gave me the message and called upon Him to enable me to do what He called me to do, and He will do it. My experience among the wild beasts is one way of making men know that God can be real with them. Also my experience with the sail tearing, and after that was mended the wind dying out and saving us from running on to that reef that time out there on the Pacific Ocean. There are hundreds of such instances as that where God was real in our trip around the world. I remember once when we were within ten feet of rocks, when tugs could not hold us from the violence of the wind that was driving us right into them, of taking the name of Jesus to be a "bumper", so to speak, to keep us from running against those rocks. We went within four feet of them and stayed there for about two hours or more. Nothing that could be done seemed to be of any avail, Crowds of people had gathered and were watching us. I tried to get throuqh to God for the Yacht with the people, but could not. Finally I took my little boy John. He had simple faith and our hearts united in a minute, and then faith prevailed and we were soon gotten to a place of safety. The name of Jesus prevailed when nothing else would. God found two people who could agree and the work was done.

Whenever I am stuck and want to prevail in prayer but cannot succeed in finding anyone whose spirit is really in unity with me I get my little boy. I do not have to work to get into unity with him: he loves his father and his father loves him. God answered instantly as soon as he found two people who were agreed.

You little know the dangers we met. It seemed as if God purposely got us into every kind of danger. These real experiences with God are what is removing the covering off of this globe. All that saved the vessel the thirtieth of last September was that I lay before God and my people were praying with me, and I took the name of Jesus to meet every wave that struck the cabin. My own children were in the next room dressed because they thought that if the ship went down they would all like to go down together in mother's room.


Mr. Perry was in Halifax harbor with the iron boat with both anchors down and the storm was so fierce that he had them get steam up in case they dragged anchor. The violence in the harbor was so awful that Mr. Perry said, "The Coronet cannot live tonight," If he had known that the Little Coronet was a little south of him with her sails blown to tatters he would have said, "The Coronet is surely gone now." But God sent him forth conquering and to conquer and he prayed there trusting the Holy Ghost and when the morning dawned the Coronet was still on top. Four just such storms struck us. Gentlemen, you do well to take your hats off to the Coronet whenever you see her-that precious holy vessel that has blessed every ocean except the Arctic, in the interests of man, returning with every sail gone and men on board who were not right, yet doing her duty faithfully and bringing us safely into port. It was because a "Bow" was given her. When we came back into Portland harbor the work was done and well done. It was because I was doing the will of God that He carried us around the globe and made us successful.

When I was in Mr. Moody's school, we had a tall chart of squares, each square representing a million of people. Most of the squares were black because most of the people were heathen. In the great mass of black squares there were two little white ones which represented the number of people which had been saved. One day Dr. MacKenzie was preaching a wonderful sermon on "No man cared for my soul," with that map near him. The clock was striking twelve; I looked at that map and said, "By the grace of God I will help change the color of that map," They had a little paper for everyone to sign that wanted to give their lives as foreign missionaries to that end. It reads something like this, "I am anxious and willing to become a foreign missionary, to consecrate my every thought, word, and deed to the interests of humanity," I said, "Where is that paper, I want to sign it !" I did, and promised God, while sitting near it that I would do my part to save a lost world from the fearful rapids of sin.

That is why I go along the coasts of the earth-- I am attending to the work God has given me to do. He said, "Remove the covering." I do it. He said, "Oversee it". I do it. And it was because I went out and did what God told me to do that He gave us a "Bow" to fight with. When at last we completed our trip around the globe-having started out from Jerusalem, up the Great Sea, across the Atlantic to the West Indies, down the Eastern side of South America, around Cape Horn, up the Western side of South America, across the Pacific to Australia, down across the Indian Ocean and then went around the Cape of Good Hope and up the Western coast of Africa to the Congo, and then went out on the equator and a little later crossed the path we followed when crossing the Atlantic when we first started out, it was exactly twenty-one years since I signed that paper down in Mr. Moody's school; I was practicing the sermon Dr. MacKenzie preached, and no man could say, "No man cared for my soul." I was doing what God told me to do and that was why the Coronet lived, I went around the globe in the interests of every man's soul and I will get what I started out for. That is why God gave me the "Bow," that is why the Coronet lived when other vessels went down,--I was carrying out God's commission.


Now then, people say they do not want that religion they have at Shiloh. All right, if you do not want the war of the white horse (and all that is going on there is not to harm you; it is simply to make your robes white) if you do not like that, and do not want the peace of the gospel, very well, he will give you the gospel of war if you do not want the gospel of Peace.

What happened? After we hod been out a month or two we heard that the American navy was going around the globe. That was the red horse going around the globe as a sign, and going in connection with the white horse, and it actually finished before the white horse got back. When we got back we anchored in Chesapeake Bay where the battle took place between the Merrimac and the Monitor. That did not just happen. It is of the utmost significance if you have eyes to see.

"There was given unto him a sword." That is what you are going to have now, you are going to have the red horse let loose. I do not need to say anything more about that. You see if it does not come. And a sword--the red horse is going to mow down humanity in awfulness especially in Europe and Asia and this country. I advise you to get George Washington's vision and read it humbly, yourself, before God. I would advise you all to buy it and keep it, I would not be surprised if some of the troubles brewing now might lead to the third war Washington speaks of.

"Balances in his hand." That is the sign of famine, selling food at a high price.

"With depth" the margin says, "with pestilence." ~I think it means with pestilence. That is going to take one fourth of the people -- three or four hundred thousand human beings.

"And I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the Word of God, and the testimony which they held; and they cried with a loud voice saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth." That is martyrs, precious people that are true to God, not only going to be persecuted but the blood is going to flow. They are going to lay down their lives for God.

Twelfth verse to the end of the chapter. This represents the power of heaven shaken, and that is going to come to pass.

"Wrath of the Lamb." Now, gentlemen, you have heard about the wrath of a lion, but did you ever hear of a little snow white lamb being so insulted and trodden down that by and by it became the white heat of anger? They have spit in the face of the Son of God, and trodden

His people down that were true to Him and by and by Jesus Christ Himself gets angry, and when He does it will be the most awful picture the globe has ever seen--the snow white Lamb filled with wrath over the damnable way you have treated His people. There will be no discussion about His power that day, about who will be able to stand before His wrath; The Son of God will settle things. No longer talking about someone who has nothing to say. Brethren and gentlemen, from the outside, I advise you to be ready for that day. You may know, whatever happens that I am praying for your soul. I shall pray for you faithfully in the days and years to come, and I hope you will get ready and be prepared for that day.


Right in here we have a picture of the gospel conquest that is going on in this movement. People say, will the movement come to an end now? I told a man the other day that it depended on what he called success. If you put a kernel of wheat into the ground it must die in order for you to get grain from it. You lose the kernel but you get it multiplied many fold, When the kernel is buried beneath the earth and begins to rot it looks like a sheer loss. If anyone is willing to die just as I am dying now--die to the outside world--God will back up that kernel of wheat that goes down and will raise up a multitude of other kernels to take the place of the one that went down; there will be a hundred such men raised up to take my place, There are men all over this country who do not know much about me, that are just made because a man whom they know is devoted to the interests or other people is classed in with the roughest criminals of deepest dye and they will rise up to defend me. Well, the Master was reckoned among the vilest sinners.

I have not seen a look from the officers that arrested me or from the judge or jury or anyone else, and there were a number of rum sellers there, and I never saw a sneer on their faces. They know that it is a man of God. No one can hear me talk and not detect a ring of sincerity. God has His eyes on things and He is working. I received a burning red hot letter from a free thinker just as indignant as indignant could be, and I do not suppose they care a thing about me. I received a letter from Texas also, from a man who was encouraging me to stand true, telling me not to back down. He says, "They find you guilty." They found Daniel guilty." Again he says, "If they take your head off stand on your feet for God." Letters come pouring in from all over the United States.

You mark what I tell you, you will see the people of God practice my other sermon that I preached on "The furtherance of the gospel," and the brethren will wax more bold than ever because I have gone, I know they will.

Are we weaker? Yes. Are we stronger? Yes. Because the Word of God grew and multiplied. If a corn of wheat does not die it remains alone, We will increase, because if a corn of wheat die it will bear much fruit. I am dying. You will see a hundred Sandfords come out of this. I mean a hundred men that will be true to God as Mr. Sandford. We do not need but one Mr. Sandford on the globe but we need men that will be as true to God as he, and you will see them begin to show up. Already I have seen people who were in the early Bible school show up. My talk has been so hot that many of the people who have been here could not stand it and they fell, but I am going to have them back again. One or two earthquakes and one or two shakes from God Almighty and those rooms will not be large enough to hold the people. I am so glad that I am in with a God who cannot be overthrown, nor confined, nor interfered with, nor stopped. Not one of His thoughts can be hindered.


The white horse for all who will take him, but the red horse for all who will not. Which horse do you want? Gentlemen, if you do not take the white horse you will get those other three. They will come into your door yard without knocking. It has cost us something to preach this kind of religion.

The next seal is the martyrs. Never mind the suffering; die on your feet, men; die on your feet, women; die on your feet, little children. The other side is going to have many sorrows. You can well pity the people who do not understand us for the rest of this book tells what will happen to them. That awful looking red moon, that black sun, and how you will shiver and shake. But if you are a genuine man of God, true to the Book as I have taught you, you will not be afraid, but you will say, "This Being shaking the powers of heaven is our God; we have waited for Him--we have waited a long time for Him to vindicate us; we will be glad in His salvation." Oh, how much it will mean to you to have His salvation when you hear the heavens crash.

And then right in there comes the sealing of the one hundred and forty four thousand people who will be just as true to God as I have been, just as true as the Master has been, and then a vast multitude from the heathen lands where we have been and prayed. We will have baptismal services in all the rivers of every continent. When God's judgments are in the land the inhabitants will learn something--they will learn to behave themselves just as you have learned to behave yourselves at Shiloh. Two or three earthquakes and my friends over the river will have less consideration of my faults and more of their own. They will be too much occupied with their own thoughts and feelings to write up anything about Shiloh. Two or three earthquakes and there will be no trouble about the press of this country. Now you mark it, you are going to have a time soon when instead of their all hunting Shiloh they are going to begin to flatter Shiloh. You laugh at the idea. Many shall cleave to them with flatteries when God's judgments are in the earth. I will tell you one time when I am a popular man on the Coronet: that is when there is a good howling storm. I want you to understand that some of these devils that come ashore and lie about me were shivery and shaky the day the storm was on. They were mighty glad Mr. Sandford was on board. You will be popular, children, here at Shiloh by the time there have been two or three good earthquakes. You let the moon come out red some day and the sun black and there will be no criticism of Shiloh. The papers will have nothing to say. If they use any ink it will be to confess their sins and cry to God for mercy.

I am going tomorrow and then you will see God take up the case. When God's judgments are in the earth, the people on both sides of the river will learn something, It will shut the mouth of every grimy giggler and every cheap man, and every giddy girl, and every sinner far and near, and one of these days when things are as hot as hell can make them you may wish that the man that the people are so glad to have put out of the way now was not put away. They put Jeremiah away but before long they found the words he had uttered came true and they turned around and were giving him bread and taking care of him when other people did not have anything to eat. They did not spend their time sneering at him after some of the


messages God had given him began to come true, but instead they were seeking him out to get him to tell them anything God had told him, You know it is possible for you to capture a man and afterwards find out that he has captured you. You can capture a lion and find out that the lion has captured you. There is such a thing as getting more than you bargained for. They captured Paul down in Philippi; he soon had a baptismal service and the jailer and his wife and everyone of his family were baptized and finally they besought him to leave. Paul was not at all in a hurry to go. They had broken the law and he knew it and so he said, "You have beaten me uncondemned being a Roman, and will thrust me out privily." Nay, these officers can take me themselves And he went out with great honor to another town and had another church formed.

Our Great God may not send an earthquake, but our Great God will bring down high looks in the United States. God is going to take the thing that is wrong out of you just as he has out of Mr. Sandford. Mr. Sandford has suffered on board the yacht "Coronet" for the sins of other people and God is going to let you suffer for the sins of other people, too, and your own as well. That Judge up yonder will have fair play for every business man, for the Judges, the juries, the editors of newspapers, and fair play for everybody in the State of Maine. I have felt much for the State of Maine for I have loved it. I have sent my people to every single town and county in the state and have carried the gospel free of charge never asking a penny, and led a thousand souls to God, prayed for thc sick, comforted the feeble and done all that our Master taught us to do.

I have had treatment by the State of Maine and if it is true God will bless you, and if not God will deal with you. Mr. Sandford is guilty in Farmington, Auburn, and Portland, and do not be surprised if when God examines you as closely as you have examined Mr. Sandford He finds you guilty. And when your troubles come do not think that Mr., Sandford will be chuckling. He will not; he will pray for you to the end. I shall love every man in the State of Maine to the end, I shall se my thousand men from the State of Maine with the same back bone in them that I have had. I believe this State is going to turn the world upside down. It is named "Diriqo", and it is going to lead in the evangelization of the world. The grit in this state is going to carry the gospel to the uttermost parts of the earth. You mark what I tell you, I will yet be a popular man in the State of Maine. When men find out that I am true and genuine they are going to back me up, and when it comes there will be a tremendous change in public feeling- this state will go upside down and every true-hearted man and woman and child will fall in line with one heart and one soul with the man that they think is going down tomorrow.

I put it in the paper, and I meant it, that I feel more like a bugler than a disgraced man going down. Gentlemen, it is a bugle that you hear. There is a picture of what Shiloh is doing (pointing to a picture of the white cavalry on thc wall). You will not find any back down in that crowd, CHARGE! that is the word all along the line from Panama to the Polar regions. I never have had North America in the compass of my faith as I have had it since I stood before the


judge of Portland. Since then I just knew that I had the whole continent because God Almighty is behind me, and He will shake every country until He has shaken every shakable thing out of it. What could you do that would be worse than to put water on a barrel of kerosene that was on fire? As far as thinking to overcome it either by putting on water or by blowing on it you would only scatter it further. So you cannot stamp out God Almighty. You may scatter this people to the ends of the earth, but there is fire in every bone. You may take our part and you may not; some of the very people that stand against us will come and join us just as Paul did after the death of Stephen. You cannot put God Almighty out of business.

A certain lady who is not in this movement at all wrote Mrs. Sandford a letter, and it was a good one; she said, "Mr. Sandford's work cannot be stopped if he should go away and stay a lifetime for his people would rise up and carry it along." She told the truth. It is utterly impossible to stop God, and that is what is running this man. You must think I am a first class fool to get an extra cook and a little better food put on my tray; you must consider me a first class idiot if I came down here to this sand hill to get money. I came down here because God Almighty called me, and you or any other man in North America, or any other continent, and all the islands of the globe cannot atop what God Almighty started when He said, "Remove the covering cast over the face of all nations," He told me to oversee it and I am not ashamed of my authority.

I love every reporter no matter what he does, and I love every person here. I love my enemies and if I never succeed in helping them any by so doing I help myself because by so doing I help to prepare myself to meet God. I am living this kind of a life just for the sake of helping you. God helped me-why should I not help others? I would naturally rather go and teach High School. I go around here without a salary from one years end to the other simply because I love you, and love God's plan, and love the world, I love you, sir; I love every family here. I am genuinely interested in your soul. You can never meet me without meeting a man that can truthfully say, "I am a man that is praying for your soul." That time I went up and down the coast of Maine the principal thing I did was to pay for every farmer in the state of Maine, every blacksmith, every storekeeper, every laboring man, every banker, every judge, every college professor, every college president, every boy in college, every football player, and every man of every profession that I cannot think of now.

Once when preaching in Brunswick I brought out the religion of Jesus Christ as illustrated by baseball and my old opponent was soundly converted. I am praying for every man, Do you suppose God will not answer my prayers? Certainly, He will answer my prayers. God loves you! He sent Jesus down to bless you and He has sent me to bless you. God loved you through Jesus when He was here and He loves you through this man that is here now. You think from things


you have heard about him that he is an infernal brute but instead he is loving. God has written this book because he loves and wants you to know what is coming.

Now there in this seventh chapter we come to the sealing of the 144,000. It speaks of the four corners of the earth. I have no doubt but what Cape Horn is one or the four corners. That fourteenth verse, instead of reading, "These are they that came out of great tribulation, should read, "These are they that came out of the great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb," In the ninth verse we have a picture of a mighty host following a certain number of true people--one hundred and forty-four thousand people who are absolutely true to God and will not turn to the right hand or to the left from His will. They have the same kind of religion that I have been preaching to you this afternoon, One hundred and forty-four thousand such people as that and the whole Gentile world is going to be brought to the knowledge of God.

When I was down on the coast of Africa I knelt down one day and prayed. While I prayed God gave me the word, "Guinea." Before I got back to America a young prince from there had been converted and came over here to America and wanted some missionaries to go back with him. I received a letter from him yesterday saying he hoped to be here to this service today. I quoted in my paper that passage that says that nations and tribes will come under the leadership of their kings and that is what is beginning to take place. His ambition immediately is to Christianize his tribe. When I prayed that time off thc coast of Africa, little did I suppose that an African prince from there would arrive here in America in quest of the truth before we got home, and then in my trouble turn around and comfort me. He has comforted me more than any other person in the United States. That is the way God is going to answer, You be true to God and He will bring the kings of the earth. He will shackle all the kings of the globe to the chariot wheels of my Christ who is King of king and Lord of lords. They are going to come; "Kings shall be thy nursing fathers, and queens shall be thy nursing mothers." The danger soon will be that there will be so much demand for our people that they will get puffed up. It says that ten nations will take hold of the skirts of him that is a Jew saying, "We will go with you, for we see that God is with you", or in other words, "We hear that you have God down there at Shiloh and we want to go with you for we are after God."

There are going to be thousands of people starved right out in the days that are coming, and they will be fairly driven to the place Prepared of God. I am more afraid for you when the seven millions of dollars come into the coffers of the Lord than I am now. God keep you humble all the days of your life. Humble, holy, happy, that is all - - just those three H's. Do not ever try to be some great one; let the world think you are peculiar, that is all right for the Bible says that you are a "peculiar people." Holy: be sure that you keep yourself just scriptural at every single point and turn. Happy: do not carry a sepulchre around in your bosom. If you feel


badly when things go wrong trust God to get you above it. Do not leave out the word Happy, Even if you hear that He is dead and buried the same as the disciples did do not leave out that word happy. Mary ran with joy to tell the story the night after His resurrection, but you want to run the night before; He will turn up all right. We have always had the religion here that had the jingle to it. Right out under these pines here we had the simple gospel and we were happy. Humble, holy and happy. One hundred and forty-four thousand are going to be baptized and follow the Lamb--be the Bible school students, so to speak, and then they are going to all nations. Happy are they that pitch in and fight the battle through. We are going to do it; I know it. If you are not going to do it I am going to pitch in and see it done. Humble, holy and happy: It is sublime.

See the precious sheep coming (pointing to a picture on the wall) there they are. That is just what they are doing now--they are looking up and saying, "Is that persecution or is that a fanatic?", and they are trying to decide. God told Israel that He would give them one shepherd and they are lifting up their heads all over the country. They will find the true shepherd, they will know him; there will be no trouble. When you give a good nice drum beat you will see them come. That little drummer boy got it right, then asked to beat a retreat so said he could beat a charge but he had never been taught how to beat a retreat. I never taught you on this hilltop to beat a retreat and I never will. I can beat a charge that will fairly make the dead fall into line. And I am doing it all over North America now by what I am saying this minute. They will hear it in California and the echoes will sound up through Canada. North America will bend and bow before God who sits upon His throne listening to the prayers of a man of God who is deadly in earnest and will lay his life down to have his prayers answered.

Now we come to the eighth chapter which tells about the seventh seal the opening of which means the answer to all of our prayers. "The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon thc earth; and the third part of trees were burned up, and all green grass was burned up." That is the result of the first angel sounding his trumpet. Then there were six more followed, with the awful things which resulted from their sounding. What brought all this about? The prayers of all the saints. What has been going on on this hilltop since 1898--thirteen years? "Prayers for all saints;" praying for every man, woman and child in the United States, Canada throughout the entire continent and throughout the entire world. At the beginning of this chapter when the seventh seal was opened which made way for the offering up of the prayers of all the saints, it says that there was silence in heaven about one half an hour--a time when God stops all the formalities of heaven, a silence never known before--holy, holy, holy silence. What can stop all the angels and all the motions of heaven and have nothing but dead stillness with God examining these prayers to see whether they were prayed in faith or not. He listens to all the prayers that Shiloh had sent up and to all that every true saint has sent up. He says, "that prayer is all right, answer it," Then He looks at another one and says, "That prayer is nothing but talk, do not answer that.. That prayer is


half talk; answer according to what he really meant. Ah, when Shiloh's prayers are answered! All of Shiloh's prayers have gone up before God, prayers for Africa, South America, North America and every other land, prayers, prayers, prayers,--"Always praying," the reporter said. They are praying for the heathen that he may have a chance to know God and for their own countrymen who will not have any God. Oh, it is good advice to lay up store in heaven. Shiloh has laid up treasures in heaven. There are the prayers Maude Peacock used to pray, prayers of the early Bible school and of all the schools that have followed down to the present time, all stored up there in heaven. And there are the prayers of the great multitudes which have gone on before. The prayers of "The Thirty" as they went around thc globe, even spending all night in prayer often. Shiloh will have her prayers answered for Peru- -tremendous significant answers to prayer are coming.

Those seven angels are archangels, Michael stands up and puts the trumpet to his lips prepared to blow a blast while he is listening to the prayers. I have prayed more than once for God to stop this hellish waste of souls if it meant that blood would flow even--I care not what happens to me. God Almighty will take the globe and reign over it. I prayed it and I meant it, and He is going to do it--He is going to reign. Oh, those seven seals how important they are!

The first seal is the white horse; the second, the red horse-war; the third, the black horse which means famine; the fourth, the pale horse that is going to take four millions or human beings in death; the fifth, the powers of heaven shaken, and the seventh, when we get the answer to all our prayers. Then comes voices, thunders and great earthquakes when God shakes the globe and makes men know that there is a God answering Shiloh's prayers. That is coming, gentlemen. Happy are they that continue until their prayers are answered.

Then we have the next seven--the seven trumpets, and things get hotter now. Now we come to the war. Every one of these is an archangel. They are tremendous beings; the voice of the archangel is going to raise the dead. These are all events that are going to follow each other in rapid succession.

Now here in the ninth chapter is the first woe which represents the evil spirits which have been confined let out to plague humanity. Apollyon and his angels are an entirely different class of beings from Satan and his angels. This time it is not Shiloh that is taking the suffering. I want you to understand. It is Shiloh's turn to get the good things, while other people will get the horrible things that are coming to this earth. Every person that is not true to the heart's core is going to have these things come upon them. It is going to last five months and people will be so badly tormented that they will want to die and cannot.

"Only those men that have not the seal of God." This is a time when the people who are sealed are happy. The people who are not are going to have this horrible thing from the infernal pit let loose on them. It is not Shiloh's turn this time. You need not be bothered by the description of these beings for they are simply some beings we have never seen yet. Now


you see Apollyon is called the angel over them, so you see they are angels. The devil is called the great serpent. The serpents are the devil and his angels; the scorpions are Apollyon and his angels.

Now read about the sixth angel, Chapter 9:13. "And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men." What part of men were killed before this? Under the fourth seal? One fourth; how much does that leave? Three fourths Now these are prepared to slay one third of what is left. One third of Three fourths is one fourth, and that means one half of humanity slain. God is going to take from this globe people that cumber it just as any decent farmer cuts off the trees that grow wild that place may be made for those which bear good fruit.

"Brimstone"--that simply means an infernal fire let loose out of the bottomless pit against humanity. You will understand the Bible tremendously easy if you take it as it reads. If you do not understand it you will find that God will give you a gentle hint, Fire, smoke, and brimstone, that is exactly what will come out. Just a little sulfur will smother a person. This infernal cavalry is going to charge just as wildly as those horses are charging (pointing to a picture on the wall), and out of their mouths is going to proceed fire, smoke, and sulfur.

That is one agency God is going to use to clean the tramps off the farm. He will give them a chance to repent by letting them hear the gospel just as you are hearing it today, but He is going to clean out the stuff that does nothing but defile the earth.

Now comes a little break before the third plague comes. There is a little picture of the work on the sea. I read this chapter (10th) when we dedicated the Wanderer in Boston harbor. There are great and mighty things about the work on the water which God has seen fit to hide and that will not be understood until we hear the thunders reverberating. I believe that has its beginning in the work on the water. During this period of time He says He will have no more delay in finishing up the "Mystery,"' of His work on the face of the globe. That is, He is referring to the statement made way back under the fifth seal, when the martyrs cry out, "How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?" And they were told to rest a little longer. Now, He says, there shall be no more delay in finishing up affairs in this globe, and allowing the Son of God full possession with His people.

"Thou must prophecy again before many people, and nations, and tongues, and kings," showing that the apostle John had a ministry not yet finished. This picture of the mighty thunders on the deep show the great and mighty things that are going to be carried on by God on this globe.

The eleventh and twelfth chapters bring out the last great woe. Chapter 11:11& l2. That is a wonderful picture of two holy men that are true to the end and lay their lives down in behalf of truth, God's wonderful protection, when the battle gets hot enough, when it comes to open


violence, God Himself, when sin gets abominable enough, the God inside of them, is going to burst forth on His enemies, and manifestations of divine wrath such as this globe has never seen are going to burst forth. It is well for us to have a holy reverence for them. As long as they are true to God that God will do the rest. Happy is the man that does not send gifts when things go wrong with them, that does not feel merry to hear that they have been pronounced "guilty".

The Spirit of God is there in their time of need. I am not sorry that the Holy Ghost is honored in this movement. He is true when men are lying in the streets of Jerusalem dead.

When I went down where the Bubonic plague was raging, not knowing where to go with my wife and children, only knowing that God had sent me, a gentleman come out and invited me to go ashore to his house, and God spoke to me and made me know that it was right for me to go with him. I had reached the dark continent and knew not what to do, and there God was amidst all that Babel to tell me to accept the man's invitation. I was glad I had Him to direct me. He will prove true to us all the way through, and when nobody else can help us, The Spirit of Life will prove true to us to the end. God help us each and all to be true to the end. He is holy, and He will never forsake you. He will have a special resurrection, as if what man had dishonored to their utmost God honored to His utmost as if He said, "You are not wanted on the earth, but you are wanted in heaven," They are going up triumphant under the power of the Holy Ghost, and their enemies behold them. I would not want to be one of their enemies, because God will deal with them; and you will find those two men cost the City of Jerusalem seven thousand lives, but they get their prayers answered, and not only that, but the whole city gets converted, and they give glory to God, even the God of this movement.

The earthquake comes in every little while, you notice, in this movement. There is going to be more than one earthquake. Seven thousand people, that is what He took from the City to pay for the insult done Him. All the rest of the City give glory to God. It pays to die when you can take a city as a result. Don't be afraid of death, God can take a city where your blood flows. Don't be afraid to die, the world has got to die Don't be afraid if you die, don't whine or whimper, you have got a God, die on your feet. You have a thousand better chances than your enemies--they have nothing to comfort them in their dark moments. If you will prepare to meet God you can well afford to call yourself happy. Death does not amount to very much if you have got a God with you so that you know that you are all right to meet Him. The Spirit of God is there in their time of need.


“And there were great voices in heaven saying, The Kingdom of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever.” “And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come.” The nations were angry, but did you ever think that God was capable of being angry himself? You are going to meet a God pretty soon that if mad through and through with you. You have cursed and damned and done what you pleased on this earth, but God Almighty is going to get mad pretty soon, and you would better look out. That is the seven trumpets, and that ends things up.

“And there were lightnings, and thunders, and an earthquake, and great hail;” there is another earthquake again. I tell you, God has a good many of those earthquakes stowed away, and every one of them is going to take the guimpe out of people. When God sends forth an earthquake and shakes the borders of your coasts, and shakes the mountains, then what a different edition will come out in the next mornings paper about Shiloh’s faults. God help you to get the religion they have for that is the only kind that will ever carry you through - - the religion that is out and out for God, absolutely so, that has your peace made with God and knows it, so that God is your friend and you are his followers. It matters not whether they have rich clothing or poor clothing, a large amount of flour on hand, or an empty barrel, happy is that man who has read the Book, and changed his life asa fast as he heard it.

“The kingdoms of this world,”--that means Russia, Chima, and all the South American republics, and all the countries on the face of the globe--they are all shaken out of their natural ownership, and become our Lord’s and His Christ’s; there will be no kings on earth put in to reign without His consent. He is just as likely to take a man that has been shoveling coal and say, “You take five cities over here in the Western part of the United States.”


The Lord Jesus Christ Himself is coming with the seventh trumpet. Happy the man who is ready when the seventh trumpet sounds. You can afford to live in old clothes; you can afford to live with your provisions low; you can afford to live for years and years a hum-drum life on this hilltop. If that day finds you ready, happy are ye, "Woe to this world," He says,"they have received their consolation," "Woe unto them that are full now," for the tribulation ia coming when the richest millionaire cannot get food. "Blessed are you that are hungry and empty now for you shall be filled," God will take care of you when other people cannot get bread. You will find that some of these awful things spoken of here will not fall on Shiloh's neck. We are not through; we have only had the first round; the other round is going to show up and the other people are going to have their turn, Happy this little band who are true to God here, or in any other part of the United States, or in any other part of the world; but they must be true to the scriptures as the scriptures read or God will deal with them.

Now we come to the fulfillment of this picture, (referring to a picture hanging on the wall) -- a woman in great sufferiing. "A great red dragon," that is Satan. "And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven." Stars of heaven are spoken of as angels back here in another chapter, "And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule the nations with a rod of iron," That is just what is going on through the sufferings. I know the sufferings they have been going through these past years is just bringing them to the stage whcn they will give birth to a company of Bible School students who will be fitted to reign on the globe because they have been true to God.

God said to me up in the turret one day, "Begin to possess a place in the wilderness." The result was the purchasing of these farms you see around here. This is the wilderness He is talking about. The wilderness stretched from the Atlantic to the Pacific at the time these words were written. He says, "I will allure her," that is, the people of Iarael, to the promised land. Finally they came over to this country, and now God blesses this country for it is mostly tha descendants of Abraham dwelling here, This is God's thought and not man's, and God will carry His plan out, and woe to the man that tries to break His plan up.

"And there was war in heaven; Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels and prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven." "They loved not their lives unto the death." That ia exactly the thing I am teaching you. That is the spirit you must have to see these sublime thinge take place. That is where your tribulation comes in. Satan knows right well that he has a very short time, and he is very angry ovee it, and he is doing his best to put his teeth into me and into this movament because he knows that God raised me up to meet him. There is a cold blooded understanding between the devil and the man that is talking to you-- (he is goine to take the blood out of me, and I am going to see that he is put into the bottomless pit.) He knows that all of his bluff and gab and talk through the papers, and by kickers and people that hate us and tell all kinds of stories, some partly true and others absolutely false-He knows that I am not a little bit afraid of him, and that I have God behind me, and I am going to see him with his mouth shut, and see him cast into tht lake of fire and every devil with him--coldblooded understanding between the devil and myself. Happy the people that stick to me; but I am sorry for the people that stick to him, for it will be "Depart into the lake prepared for tht devil and his angels." (He did not prepare it for you, but for the devil; but if you follow him, it will be for you too.) God help you; it will not be long now. I feel honestly, my heart feels, like a mother hen that wishes to be bigger so I could stretch out my wings and cover you. It is an awful thing to face death if you are not ready. God bless you, I am saying all I can say to you today; I am not taking the day with my wife and children as I would like to. God help you, dear men; God help you, visitors; God help you, Shiloh, to heed these words for I am sure that you are soon going to meet them.

"Persecutes the woman"-- persecutes Shiloh, in plain English; and I do not know how many others, for I am going to have every true sheep, and they are going to come. The woman in the picture represents the church.

"Two wings of a great eagle," That sounds to me like the United States with her national emblem. She is noted for helping people in trouble. This great glorious country of ours is going to help the afflicted. The true hearts will find their way into this place to be trained in the things of God, and then be sent forth into the rest of the world to tell the other sheep.

Was this woman to go on giving birth to other children after the man child was caught up? In spite of the devil's persecution she had other children that kept the commandments of God and have ths testimony of Jesus. One company was translated and went up to the right hand of God and are to rule the nations. Only two classes of beings spoken of as ruling the nations, one was the Christ and the other was the overcomers, "He shall rule them," the nations, "With a rod of iron." Revelation 19:15, The other, ths overcomers,--"And he that overcometh to him will I give power over the nations; and he shall rule them with a rod of iron, Revelation 21:26,27. There we have Christ and the overcomers, We know that it does not mean Christ in this verse for Christ had been translated some sixty years before this was written, so this must refer to the overcomers in the last days -- a company that will be true to God and the men of God to see this world evangelized.

Now we have the thirteenth chapter; and I suppose there is not a more solemn chapter in the Bible, because this chapter divides the world into two parts. That is why I can shed tears over my enemies as wel as my friends -- because of the sorrow that is coming on this world. It divides the earth into two parts; one is this movement, and tht other is a great world wide religious movement that is going to be forned, and is being formed now. The whole world is going to take part in one or the other, Already you can see it going on, I was a Free Baptist when God told me to go. When I atarted out a great many of them felt hard toward me. How they have gone to work and left the denomination themselves, and joined the Baptists, Well, they will join another company pretty soon and keep on consolidating until they have just one religion. There is not a single denomination that is going to stand. This movement is going to spread to the ends of the earth -- a great world-wide movement under the two witnesses. On one side will be a great world-wide movernent under the false prophet called Elijah, and on the other side the movement under the two witnesses. It is the gold tried in the fire under the two witnesses. It is well you are here to hear this talk for then you can decide to which class you want to belong, and then take the consequences when they come.

"I saw the beast rise up out of tha sea," That is the anti-christ, "And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard," A leopard is the leader of one party, and a lamb the leader of the other, A leopard is one that springs on his prey and tears it with the fierceness of hate. I have seen leopards go out of this movement. You are hearing a lamb talk this afternoon. For seven years I have said nothing before the law courts, and for eighteen years I have said nothing to the blackest misrepresentation of the press.

Now you have got to choose between a lamb religion and a leopard relgion. One of my enemies told me the truth when he said to me "Your personality is going to divide the world into two parts." I know it; the Bible says it, and it is true. Every man takes either one side or the other as he comes up before the court. Some of the rankest unbelievers and free thinkers are taking my side just because of sincerity. They are making their choice, although they do not know it. People that like a lamb religion will take my side; and people that like a leopard religion will take the other side. There are going to be no more fifty thousand movements -- just two movsments. The dragon gave him his power; that is, Satan gave him all the power that he had.

"And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed; and all the world wondered after the beast." That looks like a mighty miracle; he appears to come back from the dead. "And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him." Everyone whose name has not been written in the book of life of the Lamb from tha foundation of the world is going to worship him. There is a plain statement that no man who is a sinner that will not worship that man, called the "man of sin."

Here is a man that is going to have authority over the business affairs of the earth, going to have such power that you cannot buy groceries nor sell your produce unless you have a cerrtain mark on your hand to tell everybody that you belong to that society. The Bible states that there are no exceptions, everyone whose names are not written in the Lamb's book of life is going to worship him. You hear a great deal said about people making too much of Mr. Sandford; they say, "I would not worship a man." The very people that make that kind of talk are going to worship a man, and that man a man of sin. Before you get through you have got to buckle to that man of sin, everyone of you, or lose your heads. Do you want to or not? Happy are the men that have escaped that have gotten out of this world, where thay can learn of God and escape all the rest. Every man that takes his grip and leaves here is just taking the man of sin; and every man


that goes and had fellowship with him is doing the same. If you value your soul you will keep yourself absolutely separate from everybody who has left this movement. If they want help, let them come and get down and confess their sins that they have committed, but you had better not go and hunt them out. You need not call me Brother Sandford and try to comfort me if you have gone out and forsaken the flock. I have not the slightest fellowship with one of you. I say, "No sir, I do not have any mixing with an ungodly world that say, "Crucify him, Down him or do anything to him." If you think this is a little one-horse religion started by a fanatic you will find out before you get through. Everybody that comes against the man of God that is talking to you comes against a man that you cannot down. I want to ask you, gentlemen, if you were God Almighty and had a man true to you, would you not want to back him up? I am true to Him and that is why He is going to back me up. I am not any different from any other man. I have but one quality, and that is , that I am sincere, and God loves me, and is backing me up, and there is no power that can hinder my prayers. I have gone around this globe and laid my life down, and the lives of my wife and children, and the lives of my captains and officers to carry this same kind of religion around this globe, and I have done it. When a man is after a culprit the sublime moment is when he can get those hand cuffs on the man and snapped. Well, when my ship crossed its former path across the Atlantic the hand cuffs were on this globe and snapped, and now God will carry out the particulars. You may cut me into fifteen million pieces, nut the prayers of this man of God will prevail just the same. Every one of you listening to me is going to be either a lamb or a leopard. There are going to be but two sides, one is under the two men on the platform here, and one is under two other men. I have nothing to say about them until God tells me to speak and then I will speak.

Here is the faith and patience of the saints, "He that takes the sword must perish with the sword." In other words, every man that takes worldly weapons to defend himself must in that manner perish. What have I always taught you? Not to resist evil. He says, "If my kingdom were of this world, then would my people fight." He that takes the sword in the troublesome times that are coming are going to perish, and he that does not is going to suffer. To suffer rather than fight men with carnal weapons is where the faith and patience of the saints comes in.

Perhaps some man thinks that he will take liberties. I have seen people who have gone outside and come back and take liberties as though they belonged here. Every time they come and try to get some of the people away from here God will certainly remember it and damn them for it. If we will suffer and not resist evil we will be lambs. It is either going to be resistance or no resistance. I have set you an example. I only spoke this time in the court room because God said to me, "Answer." Don't you remember how Paul used to answer? I saw by that I was practicing the Bible just as much to answer as I was not to answer. I did not say anything to try to save myself, just simply told them the facts.


Now we have the false prophet coming, and I advise you to look out for him. "He spake as a man." He will say things that sound all right, will pronounce the benediction eloquently - - speak like a saint, but that mouth is full of lies, and not the simple sincere statements of an honest soul, but the trickery of an orator that knows how to play on the passions of men. "Looks like a lamb," but talks like a devil. They will make an image of the antichrist and actually worship that man-made image. Now notice that it is talking about a man; it is not a movement or anything else, but a man. The false prophet is another man called a prophet and will probably be called the true Elijah. Now if you want to avoid being on the wrong side notice this, this man actually calls fire down from heaven. Of course, everybody says, "There, that is Elijah, because Elijah of old called fire down from heaven." i want to tell you that that is a sure proof that he is not Elijah. Well, you say, ancient Elijah called fire down from heaven. Yes, but modern Elijah does not. This book distinctly says that the man that called fire from heaven on Mount Carmel is the true prophet, while the man that calls fire from heaven in the Great Tribulation is the false prophet. If you ever hear me calling fire from heaven you may know that I am a false prophet. To know this may save your soul some day when people are getting all carried away with the fire that is coming down.

Now, here is a picture of a man that has an image of the antichrist made. His power is so great that that image actually comes to life, and becomes a living man. You have no idea of the power that will be manifested; all the world will be deceived by the signs and wonders that that man is going to do. It says that the true Elijah will have plagues to bring down on the earth, but the false Elijah signs, wonders and mighty deeds. Now look out, which of the two are you going to follow? One, the true Elijah, will be a lamb. You must not expect Elijah to have a long beard, leathern girdle and a long flowing robe. When you see anyone trying to ape some ancient character you want to look out for him. I do not care how I look or how I appear. God said one day on that hilltop, "Elijah is here," "Testify", and I have done it. I shall not let my hair grow long nor get a leathern girdle to put around me; I am not farce enough to do that. I shall be Frank W. Sandford just the same, and I shall not try to be somebody else. All I do is say what God told me to say. If I want to talk baseball I shall do it, I don't care if ancient Elijah did it or not. You look out for these wild eyed chaps with some wonderful long hair, and girdles, and wonderful ancient talk, and smell of the River Jordan. You get the religion of Jesus Christ and you will be as natural as a lily, you will be simple, artless, unassuming, natural, whole-souled, truthful, frank, sincere, and God will back you up. But there is the fact, gentlemen that the thirteenth chapter of Revelation divides the world into two parts, and there is no escaping it; it will be either one or the other. On one side you cannot do business, you cannot buy a grain of food, and you cannot sell your produce unless you have the mark of the antichrist; on the other hand, if you do have it, God will punish you with fearful punishment. On the other side, if you do not worship this man of sin you must be killed, the Bible says it. On the other side will be the martyrs.


"And it was given unto him to give breath to this image that the beast should speak and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed." There is martyrdom, if you do not worship the image of the beast. You have got to be a lamb to stand. I tell you, you had better, every one of you, stop reviling and talking back when someone says something about you. You had better shut right up all your cheap talk about the other fellow mistreating you. When a person is right they have not very much to say about the other person, but a great deal to say about God. You had better ask yourself the question , "Am I living such a life that I can lay my life down for the truth- - God's Word? It is martyrdom on one side, but they have a worse time on the other side. Do not think that Shiloh is having a hard time either, for the other side will want to die and cannot - - they have awful torment from God. The pure martyrs will go to be with God, and have no more pain; but the other company have only commenced their pain when they leave this world. The lamb life or the leopard life, that is what you must decide upon - - to follow the Lamb of God who laid His life down, or to follow the leopard who beats and kills people, and is trying to take as many lives as he can of those who oppose him, and refuse to worship his image.

Revelation 14:5. "And in their mouth was found no guile; for they are without fault before the throne of God." This translation says, "In their mouth was found no lie." Here you have a picture of the one hundred and forty-four thousand following the Lamb. They are people that do exactly what Christ would do. They sing a wonderful song, their hearts are so full of the glories of a life that is truly absolutely devoted to their leader, and their song soars through the heavens. They sing a song that no other man can sing. Oh, it is so wonderful! I doubt if ever there was a company of people that sang the song the Coronet company sang going around the globe. Oh, the song was in our hearts when we faced the fog and winds, and dangers in all kinds of climates, the powers of the savages in the islands of the Pacific, and the possibility of falling into their hands. We have known what it was to spend a night among the wild beasts and face to face with the African fever off the Western coast of Africa, and have faced the almost certain death of some of our party in the tropics. We have gone through the awful dangers of the loss of life from lack of food and water. We ran a risk wherever we went. For instance, the day after we passed Cape Horn the great main boom broke. Captain McKenzie was up on deck with his axe in hand and had cut away part of the ropes that bound it to the gaff. He was going to cast it all overboard, and God knows if he had done it, whether we could have gotten to shore before our water gave out. I came up on deck just in time to see him cutting the ropes away. I said, "Hold on! Lets see what God says. So we prayed. The result was, that after much difficulty we succeeded in saving it and making it fast, and it probably saved our lives.

We have had just such experiences all the way around the globe; within four feet of those awful rocks at Sydney; in times of awful calms, among the wild beasts of Africa where we faced death in seven different ways - - from sharks, chills, pneumonia, wild beasts, for we saw their tracks on every side of us next morning, from the sun the next morning, for we had only one cap amongst us; I asked God to send as cloud and He did so, and it protected us, and then from lack of food, for we had not a morsel to eat. I knelt down on the sands of Africa and


said, "Oh God, you have fed me all these years, and I have no reason to suppose you will not feed me now; my men are hungry and would like to have their breakfast. We saw no way to get our food but within an hour I and my men were eating our breakfast by a hot fire.

It came about in a strange way. George Hughey had been out for hours the night before watching for a favorable opportunity to get ashore to us but the billows were so awful that he did not dare to attempt it. The next morning he continued to watch for an opportunity but did not succeed in finding one; but he got occupied doing something in the boat and [as a result the boat capsized and its passengers and contents washed ashore in the same manner as we had the day before], ... but they had our breakfast and it was washed in with the rest. But then he had no matches with which to light a fire which we very much desired to do in order that they might know at the vessel that we were safe. George said, " I have some matches." I said, "Matches, George, you are wet to the skin." He said, "Oh no, I have them in a good, dry place." and he took off his hat and there he had them in a match safe all nice and dry so we lit our fire and in a little while were eating our morning meal.

We went through dangers like that for three years. God cared for us on every sea and in every land in the most marvelous and wonderful way. The Great God that took us around the world with signs and wonders and mighty deeds was letting high heaven and the earth know that there is a God in Israel. We prepared the way for this movement to carry the gospel to those very places where we had prayed with signs and wonders and mighty deeds. Satan did his best to take our lives many times, but God, through faith in Christ delivered us. He not only had the sharks, and drowning, and chills, and African fever there, and the sun smiting us the next morning, and a lack of faith for the one who had pneumonia, etc., but when we came through those awful breakers -- the most awful i ever saw in my life for a row boat to pass through, the boat though eighteen feet long stood right on end. I thought for sure that we could never get up over that billow and we at last succeeded. The next thing we knew the boat was making its way through another great wave that had rolled in upon us. How the sailors ever stayed in the boat I do not see. Seven deaths in twenty four hours and God saved us from every one of them. Such a religion as that cannot be stamped out. And every last creature, whether an Eskimo in the north or a Patagonian is going to hear it.

Now we have the Everlasting Gospel in the six and seventh verses of this fourteenth chapter. "And I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of His judgment, God's judgment of the world." His judgment when your case is taken up. "And worship Him that made heaven, and the earth, and the seas, and the fountains of waters." I advise everyone of you to become a good worshiper these days. They have judged me and now He is going to judge the world. I advise you to become a good worshiper of that God, for it is His judgment that has come.

Read the ninth, tenth, and eleventh verses. The man of sin says that if you do not worship him he will kill you, but God says, "If you do, I will torment you." You see, there are no two


sides to this question. It is not going to be just Shiloh suffering after this. So do you wonder that I say we can well afford to not have any cheap talk on either side, for it is going to be martyrdom on one side, and God tormenting on the other. You better shed tears over every sinner you meet. He has my sympathy, for he is going to have a hard time. I advise you to be very sympathetic, for though he persecutes it is due perhaps to the fact that he does not understand you very well. God help us to be wonderful and loving to the whole human race, for we have come to awful days now. The man that dies and gets out of the Great Tribulation is happy.

Now in the fourteenth, fifteenth, and sixteenth verses we have a picture of the gathering in this globe under these awful judgments. They are these, "Trust in thy sickle and reap; for the harvest of the earth is ripe." "And he that sat on the cloud thrust in his sickle on the earth; and the earth was reaped." These words represent exactly what is going to take place.

God made me know that when He thrust us into Portland that He was thrusting the sickle in. I knew very well what was going to take place; God had given me two words when out on the water that made me know, but it isn't becoming for me to say anything about it until the case is thoroughly settled; but when it is I think you will be thoroughly surprised to find that those two words exactly express what the outcome will be. When He thrust me into Portland He was doing with me exactly what you would do with a sickle if you wanted to reap corn. You do not consult the point as to whether it wants to go down where the gravel is or not- - you thrust it in and then you give a backward pull. That is exactly what God did October twenty-first when He thrust me and the rest of the company into Portland and last Saturday when He gave me a chance to speak for myself, He gave a backward thrust that cut the corn. Every time an article goes out in the paper that is another backward pull, and He will keep on doing that until all the grain is cut. "Thrust in thy sickle and reap; for the time is come for thee to reap." Just when people think everything is up, my heart is dancing for joy, for i know that the harvest is ripe, and it is time to have it gathered. My whole soul is glad over the harvest, for men are going to choose the Lamb's side instead of the side of the leopard. The hellish waste of souls is going to stop. God Almighty is going to let the world know that there is a God. A few earthquakes will take a lot of the skepticism out of people in this world.

Now we have the other side of the seventeenth to the twentieth verses. Think of blood flowing at such an awful rate that for a distance of two hundred miles it was up to the horses bridles. You little know what a vast army is going to gather to resist the Son of God when He comes back. Think of it - - "The wine press of the wrath of God." I can remember when we used to have those old fashioned hay presses that you put the hay into and then got on top of and jounce it down with all the power you can muster up, and then press it, and last of all bind it. Now you think, not of a man jouncing some hay down, but of a God, and that an angry God, treading His great wine press. Think of the awfulness of the wicked being trodden under the feet of Omnipotence. Think of the awful days ahead of us when Jesus Christ of Nazareth, with the white Cavalry charges through the opposing army of the antichrist, the blood flows to the horses bridles! I advise you to be on the right side, gentlemen.


We will now have the fifteenth chapter. These are the people who have suffered. And I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire; and them that had gotten the victory over the beast and over his image, and over his mark, and over the number of his name, stand on the sea of glass, having the harps of God. No wonder they have their harps out; it is time for them to. It is time for the people who have suffered to have harps. "A sea of glass mingled with fire- - there is suffering. Now we have the picture of harpists harping with their harps, right in the midst of this time of suffering and saying, "Who would not fear Thee, O Lord, holy and true, for Thy judgments are made manifest." Why worship Him? "For Thy judgments are made manifest." That is, God displays His power, and makes them know He is dealing with them. The covering has been removed off the face of all the earth, God has become real, and He whips humanity every day they disobey Him, and the result is that all the nations are driven to get down on their knees before God and worship Him. There is world-wide evangelization brought about, and that is what the trip of the Coronet has meant. God, by His mighty power is going to whip all nations whether they ever see me or not. He is going to drive all the sheep in to be on the lamb side of the subject. All the leopards will rise up against God angrier and angrier, and people will be smitten more and more.

And while all this is going on we are going to play harps. Why? Because our prayers are being answered. I once asked God to show me to what continent I belonged; but he led me to none, and i wondered what it meant for I was willing to go to any country. I found out what it meant for He sent me to all the countries. All these years since have been far from moonshine. The heathen are dying faster than all the missionaries in the world are telling them that there was ever a man born named Jesus. The first day I was in India on my first trip around the world with Mr. Stacy, a black man was holding a service, and a man interrupted him and asked him who Jesus was. The next day I went out horseback riding. We ate our dinner at an inn near a temple and while we were eating some priest came out of the temple. Mr. _________ spoke to them about Jesus, and they said they had never heard of Him before. That was right in one of our mission fields where there had been a station for some time, I think thirty or forty years.

After that I read the book of Acts and saw that they made a success of evangelizing the world in their day and I said, "They made a success of evangelizing the world in their day by following the Holy Ghost; I will follow the Holy Ghost." All you have got to do is to obey orders and God will see that the world is evangelized. All Joshua did was to do what God told him to do, and God drove their enemies before them. God brought down all proud looks. When you obey God He will see that all your enemies are handled and that the globe is evangelized. I have obeyed Him ever since He said, "Go" to me


nineteen years ago. God is going to thrash all the disobedience out of this globe; He is going to smite till He handles the Eskimo in the north and the people in Panama and Mexico and all the other countries. He is going to handle all the governments on this continent.

After you have had an earthquake or a falling star, or some epidemic has swept over one half of the people off this globe you will have less to say about Shiloh, and more about yourselves. God will help us then to help every honest soul to understand what is going on.

In the sixteenth chapter we have the last of the seven sevens, and I pray God they will never strike you. When this time does come there will be no mercy whatever; God will get so angered by men's continual stubbornness that He will not have any more fooling.

"Upon them that have the mark of the beast." Now mark it, they have sneered at Divine healing, but they are going to have something that none of their doctors can heal. You will find them cursing God years afterwards. There will be an incurable sore on every man that has the mark of the beast on him,--the whole world that worshiped him and not God. When God becomes your enemy how you will curl. I advise you, my dear man, to treat Shiloh right, for it may be worth a lot to you in that day when God takes your case up. Think of it, the very man that took the lives of our precious people that are true will be driven by God Almighty to drink blood. Intense heat is going to come over the globe. It will be fearful! Think of the stubbornness and wickedness of men's hearts that will not repent under such punishment as that. However, God does not let up because of their pains and sores. Once they would have gone to a hospital and had it taken out, but now they can get no doctor that can help them, yet they continue to blaspheme God for their sores. The awfulness of getting God for your persecutor because you persecute His little flock on this hilltop!

Now we come to the last vial, and it finishes things. "So mighty an earthquake and so great." That is the way that God ends up. The other day when I was praying to God, I said, "God take this globe and shake it till you have shaken all the deviltry out of it." God heard that prayer and you will see those earthquakes coming one after another. There will be a humble set of people on this globe, then, that will bow down and worship God in reality.

Twenty-first verse - - "And there fell upon men a great hail, every stone about the weight of a talent, and men blasphemed God because of the plague of the hail; for the plague was exceeding great." Now some of those talents weigh thirty pounds, and some fifty, and some as high as eighty-five pounds. They will go through the stoutest buildings. Think of the awfulness of the curse when God lets forth such hail! Do you blame God for plunging the globe into such suffering till they come into subjection? Happy are the people that endure their sufferings now, for your sufferings are not worthy to be compared to what this world will have, for they not only have God's wrath poured out in these days, but eternal torment hereafter; while you are worshiping and praising God, and walking with Jesus of Nazareth to fountains of living waters.


The seventeenth chapter tells about the greatness of Babylon. Some people think that Babylon is going to be rebuilt just as Jerusalem is going to be rebuilt. The eighteenth chapter tells about her overthrow and the nineteenth tells about the appreciation of all the saints when finally the last city has gone down that withstood God, and the time has come for Jesus Christ to come back with His armies and take this globe by force.

Please read the seventeenth chapter. Some people think that the wilderness spoken of here is this great wilderness of the United States, and that this city of Babylon is a religious affair rather than a real city.

"The beast that was, and is not, and yet is." He was a king, but he is not living at this time when God is giving His revelation, but he will be incarnated and appear again in the great tribulation. He was one of the seven who dies and went down into his place--perdition--and then came back and was reincarnated--Satan manifested in the flesh something the same as Jesus was God manifested in the flesh. This man must in a sense be said to be a son of Satan. He came out of the pit and entered into a man, and then with all the cunningness and subtilty of a sharp business man he deceives men.

"They that are with Him are called and chosen and faithful." There is your battle in the first part of this fourteenth verse where it says, "These," that is, those that give their strength and power unto the beast, "shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them," etc. I would rather be with the Lamb than to be with the leopard that day. God help you all to be on the right side of this God. If you want to be on the right side that day be on the right side today, get away from the leopard. The sneers of the world will not take your pains away then; you better make a break with the world and get on the Lamb's side. Precious little band! No matter whether you have old clothes or new clothes, or go in rags, "Called, chosen, and faithful." Happy are you if you end up with Him. You will bless the day that you ever heard me speak to you if you heed my directions to the end. You are the hope of the world if you hold fast the beginning of your confidence steadfast unto the end, and you will see thousands and million of souls come to the Master during the great thrashing which God is now going to give the globe. You will dance for joy when you have more souls to help than you can possibly get around to. They will kiss your feet because you have been true. They will come out of the ditch by the thousand. One of you shall chase a thousand, and two of you shall put ten thousand to flight on faith's battlefield.

Notice this: "Till the words of God are fulfilled." Those very wicked things unite in helping the antichrist carry out the Word of God. They are carrying out God's program. Not that He wants them to be wicked, but all that God had said that they will do must be fulfilled.

"The woman which thou sawest is a great city." There you have it; God says it is a city so there is no more discussion about whether it is a spiritual affair or not. "How much she hath glorified herself and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her." Now notice, that


just as much as you please yourself and live deliciously in your earthly life just as much more punishment you will get; just as much as you deny yourself and treat the people of God right just so much less will be your suffering. There is a picture of the great rival city for the supremacy of the globe. The first man that sought to be king over the whole earth was king of Babylon. When Babylon was first started their motive was to build a great tower to reach unto heaven, in order that they might get them a great name. God had to come down and confound their speech and that is why people of different nationalities cannot understand each other today. God confounded men in their daring attempt to build a tower that should reach unto heaven and thus defy God. If He wanted to He could do the same thing again, or He could bring a flood again if He wished to. But instead in the millennium they are all going to have one tongue.

Babylon is an example of confusion because of her pride; Jerusalem is a symbol of unity because of the mellowness of heart and humility of soul that brings peace rather than confusion. There are the two sides- -Babylon and Jerusalem, and Babylon is gone down. The people all give gifts and shout when she goes down because the city that has led God's people astray for centuries and centuries has gone down for the last time.

"And I saw heaven opened, and the white horse," -- the charge of the white Cavalry now. Read from the eleventh to the nineteenth verses of the nineteenth chapter.

"And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth and their armies, gathered together to make war against Him that sat on the white horse, and against His army." Now comes the cavalry charge between the horse from the heavens and the antichrist with his armies drawn up to resist the Christ, the Son of God. That is an actual battle that is going to take place before many years. There is where God gathers the globe into two companies, the lambs on the right hand side, and the leopards on the left hand side. He sums up His trial by saying, This is my verdict; the people that are on the right hand side can inherit the Kingdom prepared for them from the foundation of the world. My reason for it is this, I was hungry, and ye gave me food; thirsty, and ye gave me drink; sick and in prison, and ye visited me; and inasmuch as ye did this ye now shall have all the blessings that I can give you for one thousand years on this earth.

With great surprise they answer up and say, Why, Lord, when did we ever see Thee hungry and feed you; and when thirsty and give you drink; and when sick and in prison and visited you? Jesus says, You did it for some of my people that i commissioned to evangelize this globe. I called a certain man to remove the covering cast over the face of all the earth, and I called people to come and help him, and those who came he sent forth to evangelize this world; and inasmuch as you gave a drink of water to that evangelist when he was thirsty, or a suit of clothes to that faithful man when he needed it, or when he was sick you went and visited him and did him some kindness, or when he was in prison you remembered him, now inasmuch as you did it to the least of these you did it for me.

Then he turned to the class on the left hand, (and I would not want to be in that class for five million dollars a second) and said to them, Depart from me. He says, I was hungry and ye did not feed me; I was thirsty and ye did not give me drink, sick and in prison and ye visited me not. They answer and say, Lord, when saw we Thee and visited you not? And he said, inasmuch as you did it not to the least of these ye did it not to me.


to be in that class for five million dollars a second and said to them, Depart from me. he says I was hungry and ye did not food me: I was thirsty and ye did not give me drink, sick and in prison and ye visited me not. They answer and says Lord, when saw we Thee hungry and gave you no food; and when saw we Thee sick and In prison and visited you not? And He said, inasmuch as you did it not to the least of these ye did it not to me*

Oh the awful wrath in the face of the judge as we come down to the cold hard facts of the law: Inasmuch as ye did it not to the least of these my brethren, ye did it not to me the Son of God; depart into everlasting punishment which I have prepared for the devil and his angels. But He put in two words I have left out red hot, hissing words from the lips of the Son of God, DEPART, YE CURSED. And these shall go away under the charge of the officers of the Court to everlasting punishment., God help us to get away from that side. There are no vagaries now, but cold hard facts of the law.

I advise you to treat this little suffering company of people right in my absence. If you do I will myself mention the fact to the Son of God, and say, This man did so and so; and I shall not be an uninfluential man in that court room. God help you to get on the right side arid save your soul by treating God's people just right in the days to come,

"And I saw an angel come down from heaven and he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent which is the devil, and Satan and bound him, a thousand years, and cast him into the bottomless pit and shut him up, and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years should be fulfilled; and after that he must be loosed a little season."

Now we have the devil, the anti christ and the false prophet taken from the world and the globe for one thousand years with no one on it to run things, but just the happy, holy company of people with their Master, All who are living their natural lives at the coming of Christ will continue to live them right on through the millennium; but those who are translated will have their bodies like Jesus and live like Him. Suppose there is a native down in Tanna who has not heard about Jesus, and his life has not been changed, he will still live hit natural life only he will live much holier because there is no devil around to tempt him. God will not allow sinners to live on this globe, These nations will go on and be multiplied the same as they are today, You will have your steamboats, steam cars, electricity etc,, and all of your different ways of getting around then just as you do now, The only difference there will be is that Jesus Christ will be here, and the field will bud and blossom and fill the whole earth with spiritual fruit. That will be the time. when the whole earth will know the Lord from the least to the greatest. At the end of that time will be the resurrection of the wicked dead. Not everybody will come up at the first resurrection, only the holy dead those who are worthy to be translated if they are alive, and those that will be worthy to come up out of the grave because they have the same kind of a life as those who were translated.


"And when "the thousand years are expired, Satan will be loosed out of his prison, and go put to deceive the nations which are in the 'four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them to battles the number of whom is as the sand of the sea." ."And I saw the dead small and great stand before God; and the books were opened; and the dead were judged out of those things that were written In the books, according to their words, And whosoever was not found in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire."

Now we have the close of the thousand years when the rest of the dead are resurrected. "And I saw thrones . " That is, those martyrs that were beheaded for Christ now become kings and sit on those thrones and rule for God.

Now the millennium is over and God lets Satan out again to test people on this globe who have never yet been tested by Satan. Every child that has been born since the trumpet sounded at the beginning of the millennium has never been tempted by Satan. Now then, God lets Satan out to tempt them so as to prove them the same as you and I have been tested and proved.

"And shall go out to deceive the nations to the four corners of the earth." Satan got those people so full of hatred for the holiness that was on this globe that even after one thousand years of perfect religious liberty Satan got a great mass of men to rise up and attack the City of God in open warfare. It does not seem possible, but it is a fact, so hellish is the stuff put into man by the deception in the garden of Eden. Now there is something right there that I would advise you to notice. I looked it up in the Greek one day, and it reads, "And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where are also the beast," that is the man of sin, the antichrist "and the false prophet are tormented forever and ever and shall be tormented day and night forever and ever," is the way your Bible reads. The verb shows by its form whether it is singular or plural and that form of that verb is plural. The American Revised has it," And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where also the beast and false prophet and they shall be tormented day and night forever and ever,

A great many people believe the sinners are going to be burned to ashes and that is all there will be to it, There are a great many passages in the Bible that seem to teach one side or the other, but all theories are knocked to pieces before the actual demonstration of what takes place. This is the demonstration of what takes places and there is no theory here; two men are cast alive into the lake of fire. If they were turned into ashes in five minutes that would be the last you would hear of them, but one thousand years later those two men are alive, and so much so as to be reckoned as individuals, and so much so that it says, "They." that is, the devil and those two, the false prophet and the anti christ. They had at this time been tormented day and night for one thousand years, and they are going to be tormented ages upon ages. There is no consolation in the book of Revelation for a sinner; you have got to suffer eternally. There is a demonstration of it they had suffered one thousand years, and they were just as much conscious at the end as at the beginning. God help you to keep out of the company of people that trifle with Jesus of Nazareth hoping that some day they will get an easy time of it. When the Son of God comes the wicked will be destroyed root and branch, but that is only the beginning of their suffering. The people that are burned up when Christ comes back are going to be resurrected and then judged and cast into the lake of fire forever and ever. I advise you to keep clear of those law courts that are coming, for it will be no joke but the cold hard facts of the law. God help you to be wise.

"And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and heaven fled away, and there was no place found for them." God's face is so awful that the earth is annihilated by one look from the Great Judge: just one look and heaven vanishes, and earth vanishes no place for them annihilated blotted out -that globe that murdered his Son. Beware how you stand before God unprepared. There is a Great Advocate that took my case up in Portland that day. I said, "Oh, God, won't you take up my case?" and He said, "I will." We have an advocate with the Father, and what is His name? Jesus Christ the righteous,

He will take up your case if you will receive Him In this meeting today. He will stand up before the Great Judge, and He will address Him in language becoming to that court room: I do not know what it will be, but it will be suitable language. He will say. "I have now the case of John Smith to bring before you." "What has he done?" "lie has been a sinner against God, and guilty of the grossest crimes against you, but on a certain day in December 1911, in the temple in the place prepared of God, he heard your servant talk from the book of Revelation and it stated that through faith in Jesus Christ he could be saved and forgiven for all the past. And I confess that this man confessed his sins and asked God to forgive him, and received me and by my blood that I shed on Cavalry I ask that he may be acquitted."

Ah, how much is that plea worth, gentlemen. The Great Judge looked down on His own dear Son, and looked at His two hands with the prints in them and He will say, "the prisoner at the bar is acquitted." Then he will lake up James. Your names will everyone be called. As fast as you are acquitted your names will be on that side: as fast as you are condemned your name will be on the other side. You had better take the right side, and I advise you to do it before you leave the room tonight.

"And I saw the dead, small and great stand before God; and the books were opened . . . and death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death." "And God promised the suffering church" if they were faithful unto death that they should not be hurt of the second death. If any man was not found written in the book of Life he is cast into the lake of fire. That is an awful record, that is why I have given my whole life to warn men because I believe I can


do more good in preparing men for that court room than in any earthly satisfaction or fame I might receive for myself in living an ordinary life. When men understand this they will appreciate and love me, and I will be popular in the State of Maine,

"And the books were opened; and another book was opened which is the book of life, and the dead were judged out of those thing's written in the books according to their works," That is the court spoken of in Daniel where he says they prevailed against them until the Ancient of Days did sit, but they did not prevail after that time ' the court opened then, Ten thousand times ten thousand stood before Him and were judged. That is what I meant when I said in Portland that two courts were being held that day* God is deciding whether or not ' this company of people is worthy of being defended or protected, and if so then He will summon the United States, and especially the State of Maine, to the judgment bar, and then after He decides whether you are worthy to be dealt with, then He will proceed to take up war with this country. If you have attacked me wrongly then He will proceed to take up the law courts of the United States. There will be no , .. exception. The United States knows a little about me, but the State of Maine knows a great deal. He will deal with the State of Maine in an entirely different way from what He will with the United States court, This that has been brought against us for Years, the antichrist power will be stopped the minute that court opens. God will turn the tide and you will see the globe under His protection bloom and blossom, and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heavens will be so wonderful that the Bible says that the nations will be confounded at their might, It says of our persecutors, that they will come out of the holes of the earth like creeping things in 'abject terror before the God of this earth* There will be times of reaping so wonderful that the reaper will overtake the sower of seed. There will be times of prosperity such as this world has never seen in the sweet holy land of Beulah. That is because it Is under the rule of the Almighty Gods That is all to come to those who go through with God to the end. Happy are we to be under the great court that has opened session above. I promise it to you, that the most skeptical will be convinced by what God does.

I love my government. my native land, my native state, and God's people. I am prepared as far as I am concerned to go straight into the heart of the most dangerous land an God's earth to carry the gospel of the Son of God to heathen kings. If God wants me to go down I go down; if He wants me to go up, I go ups wherever it is God's will for me to go I am satisfied and I shall finish my work as Jesus Christ did His.

Now in the twenty first and twenty second chapters there is no sin on the earth. Babylon has gone down and the new Jerusalem comes down out of heaven, the rarest and most wonderful realm this world has ever seen.

"He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be His God and He shall be my son." That is the fiftieth jubilee bell that I spoke of at the beginning of the service. The first are the seven churches, representing all the


churches of the globe; the second, the Seven Spirits of God sent forth into all the earth to strive with every sinner and to get every sheep into the fold; the third, the seven promises to overcomers; the fourth, the seven seals. some of which Are now already in operation; fifth, the seven trumpets, when the war between God and humanity waxes hotter and hotter; sixth* the seven thunders and God's mighty acts on 'the sea, unrevealed to humanity are to break forth with irresistible power; the seventh, the seven vials when God has no mercy on any sinner on the globe, and then finally the fiftieth one, the great promise to overcomers.

"He shall be my son." Loved exactly as much as Jesus of Nazareth, that is what I would call a jubilee bell. That is wonderful, and you may all have it. The rest is simply the accompaniment to the child taken into the family of God, loved and honored as the Son of God is loved and honored.

Now here are the records "The fearful, and unbelieving, and abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake that burneth with fire and brimstones which is the second death." There shall be nothing that defiles in the Holy City, nothing, nothing. You must get rid of every unholy thing or you will never go into that city, Gentlemen, I hope you will take the right side on this subject. That is too great to miss for a little cursed sin, Better drop your sin tonight better repent, better kneel down here humbly and say. *God be merciful to me a sinner." You can start tonight for the City whose builder and maker is God, and I advise you to do it. I advise you to start tonight, for it is the best chance you will have. for sin will grow worse and worse as the days go on, and soon it will mean death to you to belong to this movements

How I would like to take the State of Maine in tonight. every town I have fought and prayed fort The first message I ever received after I opened the door of my heart to the Holy Ghost was about, the State of Maine. God said, "Give ye them to eat, and made me know that He wanted the five hundred and forty towns of Maine cared for, I had just spent one year in one of those towns. the town of Bowdoinham my native town. God made me know that He wanted me to give to the State of Maine A little later I sent out over two hundred workers to go to every part of the state to offer to people the simple gospel of Jesus Christ. I love the state of Maine, I love the men and women gathered here tonight, God help you to take the Lamb Bide tonight. You will suffer with me, but you will notice that the other side are going to suffer with dirty sores. and heat that will scorch them and many other things that God has laid up for the express purpose of using to torment them, There is persecution by God Himself, There are the angels of Apollyon tormenting men so that they would like to die, and then on top of that is punishment 'forever, because that on this earth they were rebels against the only Potentate. It is going to be awful for both sides it is going to be real warfare. You cannot afford to make such cheap talk on either side. I pray God tonight that you will come under the list of those who are privileged to see His face. He hid Himself and He drove man from the garden of Eden; but He says that he that overcometh shall have a right to that Garden and see his face, Oh, would you like to walk in that garden and know that there is nothing between you and that God that


walks in that garden? Would you not like to got back to the state where there is no sin and walk with God and know God,just as you know Mr. Sandford? You can do it. Enoch walked with God, and Moses talked face to face with God, I know God; God is real to me, God help you to take the right side. Come unto Him so that you can hear these words said by the only Potentate, "They shall reign forever."

Wonderful time when He takes you and says, “Would you like to have some of the water of the life of God? Just as I have been giving out my own life to you, there is the life of God, the Holy Spirit.” There are the Father and the Son on the throne; this pure river is the Holy Spirit, the life of God. You can know it, experience it, and be a changed man or woman. "Ho everyone that thirsteth, come and buy, without money, and without prive," and him that heareth pass the news around, and let him come. whosoever will, whosoever wants to, let him take of the water of Life freely, You can have all the God you want, there is not a person that needs to go without having their life filled. I am not a starved man spiritually; I have a consciousness of growing normally in the things of God. You can have it if you will be true to God. The same thoroughness that I manifest will lead you to have all the God you want, to have the life of God in you and make you different from other people. I am not afraid of the judgment; I am not afraid to meet Christ, There is not a wrong thing in my life that I know of. You can straighten out your past as well as I and God will forgive you, and bless you, and you can know God and walk with Him, and when the mountains are shaking and the stars falling you will not be terror stricken; you will say, “This is our God at work.” How much different to be on the right side of that God, instead of going on and fearing and dreading to meet Him, poor wretches fleeing to mountains and begging them to fall on them and hide from the awful anger of the Lamb that is coming to judge them.

"And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give to every man according as his work shall be," and, behold, I come quickly, and blessed is the man that keepeth the sayings of the prophecy of this book, It is not a sealed book, but an unsealed book; there is nothing hard to understand; it is easy to understand*

"He that is unjust, let him be unjust still; he that is filthy, let him be filthy still; and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still; and he that is holy, let him be holy still;" "Everyone that loveth and maketh a lie." It is no joke to write a lie, and it is no joke to laugh at a lie someone else has written.


The bride is the one with Christ, The Spirit is the Holy Ghost. "And the Spirit and the bride say. Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst say, Come and whosoever will let him take of the water of life freely,"

I am going to ask every person who wishes to receive power from God, and to live the Lamb life to keep on the right side of this subject to come out front and kneel down.


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