The Standard:

"Holy Living" Guidelines - The Do's & Don'ts

The following is an informal list of Kingdom do's and don'ts (mostly don'ts) - the ones the baby boomer generation, for the most part, learned to deal with while growing up.  This is not official in the sense that it was posted and signed by the Kingdom leaders.  But it is a list compiled by a few of us who remember these teachings given to us by our pastors, parents and grandparents.  We were taught that these were the behaviors and mores that separated us from the world in God's eyes, and enabled us to be pleasing to Him.  We understood that the personal sacrifice, embarrasssment, and humiliation suffered by the practitioner at the hands of our peers would only serve to build character in us and ultimately draw us closer to Him.  At least, that's what we believed and understood all honorable Kingdom members practiced. Most if not all of the revised items listed below were "revised" silently. For example, listening to the radio became so common-place that it was dropped from the list of "don'ts" quietly and by default.  To our knowledge, no leader, at any time, EVER openly admitted that they might have been mistaken in interpreting or understanding God's will on any of these issues.

Galatians 5:16-18 "...but if ye be led of the Spirit, ye are not under the law."

Kingdom Members, in general, would NOT (By Category)



1. Absent themselves from any of the three old testament "Feasts"

2. Date a woman (until committed to her)


3. Pray or speak in church without a head-covering

4. Date a man (until committed to him)

5. Observe the 40 and 80 day exclusion from any church assembly following the birth of a child

(Both Sexes)

6. Omit paying their tithes

7. Disregard reading their Bibles daily


8. Hold any mortgage

9. Take any loan for any reason (later revised)

10. Have any insurance

11. Have any holdings in the stock market

12. Hold any credit card  (later revised)



13. Use tampons (until possibly after marriage)

(Both Sexes)

14. See doctors for any reason (later revised)

15. Have vaccinations against disease

16. Take medication (including aspirin or Tylenol - later revised)

17. Use no birth control (other than "rhythm" method)


18. Listen to any radio (later revised)

19. Watch any TV

20. Attend any movies

21. Dance

22. Bowl

23. Roller Skate

24. Participate in organized school sports, if doing so included games on Friday night or Saturday

25. Kingdom men would not watch any women's sporting events (ice-skating, tennis, etc.)

Dietary Considerations

26. Drink coffee, tea or any caffeinated drinks

27. Eat any shellfish

28. Eat any pork

29. Use any alcoholic Beverage (including cooking)

Fashion and Style

    Kingdom Women will NOT

        30. Use scissors on their hair (later revised)

        31. Wear sleeves above the elbows

        32. Go bare-legged

        33. Go bare-headed

        34. Wear clothing of blended fibers (later revised)

        35. Wear stockings with no seams (later revised)

        36. Wear clothing that reveals the collarbone (later revised)

        37. Wear clothing above the knees

        38. Go barefoot

        39.Wear open-toed shoes

        40. Wear red clothing

        41. Wear gold jewelry

        42. Wear any jewelry (other than pins on clothing - later revised)

        43. Wear makeup

        44. Wear nail polish

        45. Wear pants, shorts, pedal pushers

        46. Wear tight sweaters

        47. Wear pajamas (later revised)

    Kingdom Men will NOT

        48. Go swimming without wearing a top

        49. Wear shorts (after becoming an adult)


50. Attend college or other higher education, without appropriate approval from church authorities (later revised)

51. Belong to Rotary, Lions or any other fraternal organization

52. Belong to any labor union

53. Belong to any fraternity or sorority

54. Attend any church other than Kingdom fellowships

55. Hold a social security card (later revised)

56. Have any communication with any "quitter"

57. Friday night - Saturday restrictions

        a. No bike riding

b. No baking (only minimal meal preparation)

        c. No novel reading

58.  Sunday restrictions

        a. No bike riding

        b. All day meeting

        c. No "common" activities until after 4 p.m.

59. Avoid patronizing restaurants with bars or lounges on the premises

60. Smoke

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